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[App] Fibaro by Athom (v1.5.18)



  • @blusser ;
    have not send it as a pull request yet, first want it to work properly enough (still waiting for a tester for the single relays).
    so might not send it in until Friday, unless there comes a tester for the singel relay today or tomorrow (from Tuesday i'm going away for a few days)
  • @FlorisVanIngen ;
    i have update the version number now as well.
    if it still won't work, please send me the JSON (the node's information) that is being produced of both devices, in the chrome console, in a direct message :smile:
  • Both are working correct. :)
    Very good job!!!!
  • djeskodjesko Member
    edited August 2016
    I can add my singel relay if i get some free time today,  fgs221
  • @djesko ;
    fgs-221 isn't a singel relay?
  • Sorry fgs 212 
  • @djesko ;
    that would be awesome, if that one works (including reponces to S2 (input 2)).
    I'll add the most common 211 id's as well and submit it as pull request.
  • @caseda ;

    Sorry to say,  but there are no time to test today.

  • Would people here be interested in the possibility to switch the LED Ring from the Fibaro wall plug into different colours and on/off regardless of the device state.

    Example, at night, switch the LED ring in the hallway on (white) if you go to the toilet  and switch the LED Ring off again after 15 minutes. Or switch the LED Ring off during night, and have it switched on if your HUE lights are switched on.
  • ehhh Yes I would like that.
  • I think everybody would :smiley: 
  • it was possible before the z-wave rewrite, there was a "set parameter card" but it seems that it is gone.
  • I'm not a developer but I might have the flow cards working.

  • For an update on the FGS drivers.
    I've added the 3 most common id's of the FGS-221 to the pull request.
    So it's up to athom for them to accept it.

    The FGS-211 and FGS-212 have not been implemented in the pull request because they are not tested as of yet.
    once these are tested (and are working properly) they will be added as well.
    They are still available on my Developer Branch for the people that can and want to test them.
  • @caseda ;

    Will try to get some free time to test tomorrow 
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited August 2016
    @djesko ;
    if it works good, i think i'm able to add them in the evenings.
    But if there is any bugs, i'm not able to change/update anything in the code until friday
    but still would be awesome if it gets tested
  • Will there be support for the fibaro button? 
  • @OKHomey79 ;
    Until scene activation is implemented / documented it can be made an app but not completely necessary since it's a on/off device (basic) 
    So it's only 1 click is working. 

    After it has been implemented (scene activation) there will definitely be a driver for it, sooner or later
  • @casesa,

    any idea when your pull request will be commited?
    app has been "updated" today (compability update according to git) put your code isn't included :neutral: 
  • Idk who casesa is, but I guess it's me :sunglasses: 

    i really don't know, its not up to me for accepting the pull request.
    i guess they need to check the code pretty thorougly for any bugs (including to other apps), just like all other app store submissions
    so it will probably take a day or 2 (or 3), lets just use the word soon™
  • @caseda ;

    Can i test the s2 without a button?  

    Have it right out off box and not connected to anything right now.
  • yeah, with a bit of caution (it is 230V!) you could use a wire that bridges between the Line (L, brown wire) and the S2 input.

    or if you want to go the safe route, just use a very simple (light) switch you got laying around
  • @caseda ;

    Are you online 2200 for some testing?  Help if needed 

  • @djesko ;
    I don't know if I'm able to stay awake by then, been a long day today
    But I'll try, can't really debug anything over here though
  • What does you want me to try on s2?  

    So install new zwave drv and then your app from git?  
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited August 2016
    1. Download my app from git
    2. Unzip somewhere easy to find
    3. Open CLI
    4. browse (cd) to the unzipped folder 
    5. install zwave driver using the npm install line
    6. Install/run app 

    I just want to know if S2 triggers any flows and/or if it updates it's status in the mobile card.
    More is not possible unfortunately, until scene activation is implemented.
  • @caseda ;

    how can i see it zwave got install ?  get this 

    C:\temp\node-homey-zwavedriver-master\node-homey-zwavedriver-master>npm install
    npm WARN package.json homey-zwavedriver@1.0.0 No license field.
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited August 2016
    Download from git, I meant download my app from git :hushed: my bad 
  • so i dont need to update the zwave from athom git ?   :) 
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited August 2016
    You will need to install the zwave driver into my app. 

    Zwave driver is just there to combine the zwave values with homey's capabilities 

    So every zwave app has it/needs it 
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