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Devices Database

I am looking for a devices database for everything that works (or doesn't) with Homey. 
I have found a (i guess) not-yet-finished concept managed and maintained by Athom ( )
Is there another place I have missed?

Searching the forum isn't what I think it should be, you only find the problems and if it isn't mentioned it may be working or you are the first to experience it doesn't work (yet). 
I think it would be nice to have a Wiki or something we (the community) fill with just the info for new Homey adoptives (and our self) to verify if it is tested already, on any to-do list or...

imho it can be as simple as a table in a wiki or a Google docs sheet. I would prefer if Athom will provide the resource to prevent snippets of information across domains and other cloud services.
No problem if it will be temporary and Athom will use it to set up and fill a decent DB like the DB above, just for now I think it will be of help for the people the adopt Homey in the upcoming months. Especially for f.e. IR remotes that work (most partial) or just don't work or the different KAKU and other series where some types work and other don't work. 
just to give an idea: something like this (or a header for each Brand with rows for devices below)

Anyone who likes and maybe wants to help just like this msg.

@Emile, is a Wiki (maybe connected to the Forum Login) something Athom can provide easy for the community?


  • The are working on a awesome new website with all you're asking for! 
    Just wait and see! 
  • Thanks!
    Would be nice, I read some time ago about the new site but don't know what to expect. As you can see I can't wait to start helping ...
  • It should be launched when Homey hits retail.  No date on that yet :blush: 
  • IMHO it would be nice to have it before and  to help Athom get all problems out and fill it with our knowledge and experience before the retail users come. 
    But OK, I will wait.
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