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Hoe exactly does homey work with Spotify?

Homey works with spotify but how exactly? Because there needs to be a device, with the spotify app running on it, that does the actual playing (rendering) of the music file from spotify. So does there need to be a laptop or something turned on that homey will control remotely in order to play music from spotify? Or will homey be the device which plays the music and streams it to an (AirPlay enabled) receiver or amplifier?


  • I dont know how homey will do it but my guess is maybe something like sonos where you add your account to the system.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    You download the Spotify app to Homey (we'll create that app), sign in and then Homey can stream Spotify music to any speaker, without the need of another device.

    Or you send your music from your phone to Homey's bluetooth receiver, and forward it to any (wireless) speakers from there on.
  • Thanks Emile for your clarification. And will the streaming part from homey to my receiver be through airplay or Bluetooth or...?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Airplay, Bluetooth a2dp or by audio cable. It depends on the speaker!
  • So, how about sending custom speech to Sonos? How does that work technically?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Homey hosts an internal radio station and emits it to Sonos speakers. This gives us complete control over the audio stream, and makes it independent from whatever speaker you're using :D
  • So you'd connect to Sonos, command it to listen to the 'stream', them transmit over the stream the audio? How do you handle it when Sonos is already playing something? Ideally you'd fade out/in and switch station in between, however, with filling it's buffer Sonos is not so fast in switching from source. Could you elaborate on that? Thx!
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Homey will automatically tell sonos to listen to Homey's audio stream, which will stop whatever was playing on the sonos. We figure that you'd want to use Homey for (spotify, soundcloud, etc.) playback instead of sonos.
  • LesleyLesley Member
    edited February 2015
    Hi Emile,

    It would be great if Homey could be used as a remote (same as what my iPhone is doing right now) for ''Spotify Connect'' Would this be possible?

    I'm asking this because all new AV receivers (Denon/Marantz,Onkyo,Etc.), Spotify Desktop app and Gramofon are supporting Spotify Connect.

    In this case, the AV receiver with build-in Spotify Connect, the Gramofon or the desktop/laptop/macbook will be streaming the music instead of Homey. Since these devices are connected through LAN (and a Optic audio cable), the music would probably be more stable and of higher quality.

    Also, Gramafon will edit All Play (from Qualcomm) to Gramofon services with the next update (somewhere in Q1)
  • +1 It sounds more reasonable to let external devices do as much of the playing/streaming as possible, and not THROUGH Homey, except for the things Homey wants to tell you through these speakers.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    That's a good idea. I've contacted spotify about their connect options.
  • All true, but... : if you have a older receiver without the option for Spotify-connect you'll need the option to let homey do the streaming.
    Please don't forget that!
  • Emile, +1!!!!

    Jonathan, for my old Denon AVR-3805 receiver and my Harman/Kardon portable speaker I've bought two Gramofons for Spotify Connect capabilities. Now on sale at for €49,-

    This used to be a kickstarter project that's designed to give 'old/not compatible' receivers the Spotify Connenct capabilities. Otherwise you could always use the desktop version.
  • Okay but let me explain the setup i have in mind:

    I have an airport express, connect with jack cable to my (dumb) receiver. I can currently stream music (from the spotify app on my ipad/phone etc) to this airport express using Airplay.
    I would like to have Homey to do the same: stream Spotify (the spotify app running on Homey) to this airport express, again by using Airplay.

    Emile, will Homey support this? So: using Spotify as the music-source and Airplay as the streaming protocol?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    @Jonathan, Yep :)
  • So, instead of the AirPort expres, i guess i can use my Apple tv to recieve the stream and play spotify , streamed nu Homey
  • So, instead of the AirPort expres, i guess i can use my Apple tv to recieve the stream and play spotify , streamed nu Homey
    I would definitely say so, the Apple TV is basically an airport router with some add-ons (media player functionality).
  • +1 for Spotify Connect

    As a suggestion, within the Homey Spotify app, you maybe can choose to use the Homey Spotify app as Connect remote or as full Spotify app with you're Spotify credentials, or both?
  • I use spotify in combination with squeezebox. I use the ipeng app to control the squeezebox and the spotify option is built in that app.

    Is it possible to control squeezebox via the homey app to make sure that i can play spotify via squeezebox.
  • Hi Emile, what's the status about Spotify Connect :) ?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    We're on their waiting list.. no ETA from their side! :'(
  • To bad... Anything the community could do to push this a little bit ? :)
  • Any news so far regarding Spotify Connect?

  • LesleyLesley Member

    Also pretty curious :)

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    No news as of yet..

  • BasPostBasPost Member
    edited June 2015

    Emile said:
    No news as of yet..

    bummer.... :-(

  • I use a Linn DS to play radio and listen to Spotify/Tidal. I use my phone/ipad as a remote. I would want Homey to replace the phone as a remote, but let the DS stream the music. Hope this will be a possibility.

  • Just had another read and what I want is close to what Jonathan wants, but I use a Linn DS instead of the AppleTV (which I only use for movies). So I think it should work for both sound and video, cool :-)

  • JonJon Member

    What I would really like is to have support for your local music and/or video, such as DS Audio or DS Video for Synology's NAS.
    Since I am not a developer: is anyone who is a developer here planning to make an app that supports Synology? Would be so great (and of high demand, I guess)

    (In theory I could use Plex, but - although my NAS supports Plex - it is practically impossible to play videos by Plex, hardware wise it's quite limited to transcode the video files)

  • Anything new on Spotify connect? :)

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