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List of LED ring colors

Hi all,

From the dev library, I found the below snippet to invoke the loading animation:

Homey.manager('ledring').animate( // animation name (choose from loading, pulse, progress, solid) 'loading', // optional animation-specific options { color: 'green', rpm: 4 // change rotations per minute },

Is there a list of colors I can use somewhere? And can I control the width of the animation? I think when something is actually loading, that's the value used as a progress bar (starts small and grows as the data loads).



  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    You can pass any HEX code, e.g. #FF0000.

    Progress is possible as well, use animation.updateFrames() for that :-)
  • Ow, cool, so once my DreamScreen arrives,  I can make an app that lets Homeys ledring change color in sync with the DreamScreen (if it updates fast enough)...   B)
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