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Delivery, Communication & development

@Athom @Emile ;

Nice to see the steady progress every week, how the system matures. Also not many new issues has been raised recently. Many of us really happy about it however there is a lot of frustration here about communication and delivery. On your homepage the delivery is March 2016.  Now imagine an average user wondering in the MM store bumps into the Athom display, goes online and orders it with the hope that it will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. Than they get frustrated, start posting demoralising comments on the forum sending you emails, cancelling orders. All because of the communication. Honestly put your hand on your hearth the product won`t be `retail ready` in the next 3 months. Wouldn`t it be more fair, honest and realistic to have Q3 2016 as delivery window?

It`s been asked on this forum if you could share the KaKu and Somfy apps on git. It has been mentioned by many in several threads, so it seems more like an ignored thing than a missed one. Communication again.I think the community is quite good in developing apps. If these apps would be available maybe the community could help to fix the issues taking some of the burden off from your shoulder.  Of course many of the issues were 433MHz related, but not exclusively.

Do you have a Specific target you wish to reach before dispatching the next batch?


  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited March 2016
    the sharing of kaku isn't ignored, @Emile   asked on github a few weeks ago to one of his fellows to publish the Kaku repository  of the Kaku app on github
  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited March 2016
    About communicating . Of course everyone wants to know when he gets his Homey or when the next update is published. This asking is a pressure on the Athom team, they have yet to learn to wihtstand this pressure. When they dont know they dont know and should not be giving answers which proves repeatly wrong. Updates are always said to be published on friday but it never happens. Dont make a promise you cant hold ,  everybody will be eagerly waiting for the update on friday which wont appear on friday.  Soon is on the website of Athom used for the time remaining till update and publishing of the api documentation, Is soon a month a quarter, half a year  or 10 year ? Information given can create great expectations but if not fulfilled deep disappointments and agression.

  • Somewhere it was said that the code (or signal-translations) will be kept confidential to keep it from competitors ? I can understand that...
  • honeyhoney Member
    Nattelip said:
    the sharing of kaku isn't ignored, @Emile   asked on github a few weeks ago to one of his fellows to publish the Kaku repository  of the Kaku app on github
    Apology I withdraw the ignore bit however the git is an other medium where the questions have been asked.
  • honeyhoney Member
    I withdraw the withdraw on the ignore bit.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Thanks @honey for your feedback, it is appreciated. I have changed the pre-order delivery date to Q2, just to be safe :)
  • tunftunf Member
    Friday again! whoop whoop, update on delivery/ shipment time @Emile ?
  • Shipping with 0.8.24 to the ones who want to play could be possible, couldn't it? Only "real" problem is too much sensitivity for the microphone?
  • honeyhoney Member
    @BasVanDenBosch ;
    Thanks Bas. The voice recognition/control is a very complex thing. Much bigger companies have issues to get it right. We can`t expect that to be fixed in the near future. Of course these get reported , that one way how we help the developers. I think it is already mature enough to write apps with it, make tutorials, or use it for certain home automation tasks.
  • tunftunf Member
    And more then a month for pre orders. this was shipment of jan. so 5 months delay for me.
  • Great update, thanks. How to subscribe for 'Geek' Pre-orders?
  • hnijveen said:
    Great update, thanks. How to subscribe for 'Geek' Pre-orders?
    They will sent u a mail me guess
  • The time maybe finally there! Nice update Athom!
  • good communication "aiming for"
  • Nattelip said:
    good communication "aiming for"
    In bold! :D
  • PandaPanda Member
    edited March 2016
    Very nice honest and clear update.

    Keep up the good work.
  • I agree, good update!
  • honeyhoney Member
    We expect to be able to ship:

    Regular & (Super) Early Bird Backer (rest of Kickstarter EU)

    April 4th

    @Emile @Athom ;Is there any issue what would push the Monday shipment?

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