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Osram Lightify Plug

Since the Philips Living Whites plugs are very hard to get these days, I'd like to know if an Osram Lightify plug can be connected with a Philips Hue system. I've tried a Osram Lightify Downlight and that works like a charm!



  • interesting question. i would like to know that too!
  • Yes it can !
    but, you need to have latest firmware installed on both Philips and Osram so you need the bridge for both of them, you could ask the shop if they could update the Osram for you, if you do not update the Osram the light will not switch of totally..

  • @Robebar Great, Thanks!
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited March 2016
    not the problem. i have the osram bridge too.
    but we speak about the osram lightify plug not about the lights, right?
    because the lights are no problem with the newest firmware i know. but the question was what about the plug?

    is there also no problem like with the lights?
  • Yes, I specifficaly like to know about the plugs, I've tested the lights (at least the GU10) myself.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    We're going to support Osram as stand-alone as well!
  • Emile said:
    We're going to support Osram as stand-alone as well!
    When will the Plug be supported, i only see the Bulps being supported ?
  • bvbbvb Member
    Lightify Plug is working perfect with Hue Bridge and also Alexa, but not with Homekit.

    I was not able to get it running with Hue Bridge and Homey. When the Lighify Plug was there, then Homey was not able to show up the Hue Lights in Homey.
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