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Voice command lights on/off in certain zone


It is possible to turn the lights on or off in a certain zone by saying for e.g 'Turn on the lights in the kitchen', however Homey will respond with a "Turning lights on" instead of saying which zone is turned on or off.

Sometimes I still need to check if Homey turned on/off the lights in the zone I want because Homey won't always get the whole command.

So my suggestion is to let Homey respond which zone it just turned on/off.


  • Good suggestion, had been thinking about this also.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Good suggestion! We'll make sure that it'll make it into the software. 
  • I got myself a second-hand Homey yesterday and was playing with this as well. This might be a related bug:

    I tried:
    1) "Turn on all lights" => All lights were on
    2) "Turn off lights in the living room" => Lights in the living room went off

    All commands from then on only used the living room lights:
    3) "Turn off all lights" => Nothing happened (living room was already off)

    Manually turned off all lights, then:
    4) "Turn on all lights" => Livingroom lights went on.

    I use version 0.8.20
  • I noticed something similar, but I thought it was a bug in the Hue app.
    Will need to test a little more...
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