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[FlowEdit][Minor issue] Test flow does not produce green checkmarks on cards finished [since 0.8.20]

Before (in 0.8.17) a test produced green checkmarks on action cards finished.
Now I only briefly see the hypnotizing donut ...

I liked the checkmarks to see the timing (delay between cards) and know it was finished.

beside that, two sugestions:
1) to order / shuffle the cards  in the actions column a Priority number (upper left corner of the card) would do to enter a number it would be placed before the card with the same number.
2) I would lik to know / see the configured delay for the cards without clicking (on my tablet) / hovering over the stopwatch upper right corner. 
something like: 

just my 2 cents.


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    I also noticed this. Already fixed in the next update! :smiley:

    Sortable cards will be added later (because it's purely cosmetic, not functional). Showing the delay is a good suggestion!
  • Thanks!
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