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Using Homey in a large home



  • JonJon Member
    Okay so therefore you "can't" recommend one from 3rd party ;)
    I see I see... ;)
  • JonJon Member
    By the way, @Emile, you mentioned before in this thread that you 'will be looking into supporting IR-repeaters'.
    Do you expect this to be the case for the out-of-the-box version of Homey that will be shipped to the backers?
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    If you really want it everywhere, and affordable, I think a smartwatch is a better option for the time being :)
    Siri sucked because you need to press a button. Now they say the smartphone has the "Hey Siri" modus, but to install Siriproxy again and see it change version/protocol/server so nothing works anymore. Tired of that :) Apple needs to make an API. And I guess with that feature on, the 18 hour will become 4 hours on 1 charge :D

    Btw what did you use for the always listening functionality? The Voice Recog mod from Arduino or something else? The closest I find is stuff like Jasper to directly put a mic on the raspberry and I really want to install it at home because I am tired of opening and pushing my web interface buttons. I really loved the interface and just need a way to sent audio to it ;)
  • And will this only extend iR or also 433MHz and voice?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    We're using proprietary techology by Sensory (the same as the Moto X)

    As of IR repeaters, I don't think we will support them at launch. It is something I'd rather leave to the community, as *maybe* we will create our own infrared extender as well.
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    I think it's time that Homey get's some wheels/drone-things and can come to you and then listens what you have to say ;-)

    *Listen Homey, take a spin
  • anomanom Member
    Is there any news on the IR extender?
    In stead of having to put a sender and receiver, I'd hope Homey only has to produce or support a 3rd party receiving-end to prevent introducing more single point of failures and power consumers - this is under the assumption the homey hardware is capable of supporting it.

    Use case: I have my Homey in the living and want to control infrared devices in a separate room. E.g. a ceiling fan with IR, an airco and an infrared controlled balcony heating. I'd like to put timers on the fan and combine it weather situation via IFTT etc. I don't need speach support in the separate room as IFTT works well enough hopefully combined with the soon to be released smartphone app.

  • JonJon Member
    Hi @Anom try Klikr. I've backed them and believe they're almost launching the device! See
  • anomanom Member
    Hi Jon, thanks for the reply. Yes that would exactly serve my goal if it integrates with Homey. The only downside I see is the battery, however also found 400 times rechargeable CR2032 batteries so that's not the objection either :-).
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