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Great start of the app store

Wow, waiting as a regular backer for my homey but impressed with the number of initiatives that are already done in this short time frame.

Kodi, Harmony hub, email - things that I will definitely going to use. And probably number of interesting projects that now are not attract my interest but will be different when actual working with Homey in real life


  • I'm not a programmer in daily life but I do enjoy making the ocasional website.

    Javascript is something I haven't practised in years but the way in which Homey gives you instant feedback, intensive debugging and sweet functionality is something that can push a lot of people (including me) to start coding apps.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    I must say, I'm a little bit surprised myself as well :-)
  • I totally agree, it is good to see! I myself have to wait a few more weeks for my Homey to arrive but I am looking forward to creating an app myself.
  • Big thanks to all people who are creating apps, or who are supporting via the forum. I wanted to create some apps myself, but it has been so busy that I didn't have the energy to pick it up.

    A wiki with some tutorials might be nice to help others get started.
  • This is what I have found for me to start.

  • Absolutely fantastic! Great thanks to all developers.
    Can't wait to try it all out on my own Homey :). Soon...!
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