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[UPDATED V0.0.7]Pushover App



  • @Panda Thank you for making this app! Easy to setup and use!

  • PandaPanda Member
    Thank you all, Node is very new for me so I learned alot with this app.
  • Reflow said:
    I'm using it for my doorbell, works like a charm indeed till the Homey app gets released for iOS

    Same here :) Can you please share the icon I see in your screenshot, I'm now using the one below, but yours is way cooler! 

  • PandaPanda Member
    I use the same one Danee is using, but yours looks way better. Please share
  • aloftaloft Member
    edited June 2016
    @Panda ; yesterday I had a crash of Pushover, it seemed to be related that my message was empty ( as a variable I was sending was empty ) 

    Maybe you can add a check that on actual sending, when the text is 'empty', it won't send. 

    App works stable and perfectly besides this, thank you!
  • spoellyspoelly Member
    edited June 2016
    @DaneeDeKruyff i think your images lost some quality, when i download them and upload it to pushover they become blury. When is save the image from  same size but sharp. Like what you did wit the last one though..
  • PandaPanda Member
    @aloft : aah now I understand the app crashes that I get, I didn't understand why the app crashes with this message because the app itself checks if the message is empty, but it now makes sense that if a variable as tag is empty it still crashes, because it sees the variable/tag as something no matter if it is empty or not.

    Will try do fix it aloft.
  • PandaPanda Member
    @aloft : Wasn't able to replicate the issue but changed some things that should hopefully fis this issue.

    Also added Insight support.

    Update is pending approval, will post when update is released.
  • PandaPanda Member
    Update 0.0.7 now in the app store.
  • @panda Is it possible to send a specific sound with the message?
    Would love a doorbell sound for instance
  • @Rocodamelshe Should be possible, will look into this. Don't expect in soon tho, really busy at the moment.
  • Panda said:
    @Rocodamelshe Should be possible, will look into this. Don't expect in soon tho, really busy at the moment.
    And no rush, realy love the things ur doin alr!
  • Big necro, sorry... @Panda I've just added custom sounds to the app. See pull request
  • I see v0.8 is published with the sound options... but how do you use this? I don’t see the option anywhere?

    Additionally, any news on the rest of the PushOver parameters? 
  • I take it u mean the option to receive a custom sound when getting a pushover message?
    Just pick one from the drop-down menu.

  • VeldkornetVeldkornet Member
    edited March 2018
     :s So obvious... I don’t know how I missed it...

    The cards way way too small to show all the fields for some of the apps, I hope Athom will change that for (v2). 

    Even worse is that a week ago, I even logged an issue with the sounds, it must have been a long week...
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