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Timer in flow

is it possible to start a timmer if device a start and after xx minutes or second then something happens


  • You can set a delay in minutes or seconds on a card. (Clocksymbol in the upper right corner)
  • @Moek But wil the timmer stop if divice a shuts down? 
  • I gues that depends how you imply. 
    The way I use it is:
    when motion is not detected then turn of light with a delay of 3 minutes. 
    If motion is detected within those 3 minutes the delay is canceled and started again as soon as the motion sensor doesn't detect motion anymore. 
    Note: triggering flows with motion sensors is broken in the current software. 
  • Here I have ask for a delay timer as a device.

  • @Moek I have a fryer with a fibaro wall plug and i want it to send a notification to my mobile if it's longer on than 30 min 
  • I gues you could make a flow like:
    when the wallplug is turned on, then send textmessage "time to turn of fryer" with a delay of 30 minutes?
    Again, not sure if the flow will work with the current software though. 
  • @Moek it works but when i put it off after like 10 min it stil sends me a notification after 30min i think to only way for now is multiple flow's 
  • Guess so. Good luck!
  • Some kind of start/stop or debounce trigger would be useful.

    e.g a trigger that notifies that movement has been detected (start) and also triggers when it has been more than X min/sec since the last movement (stop). We could use this to detect if a washing machine has stopped based on power usage (homey: your washing machine is ready).

    At the same time it could function as a (count or cumulative) sensor. e.g count how many minutes you have been watching TV or how often the dishwasher was used
  • @ArnoudDeJong Like your idea also
  • You need 3 flow. 
    1. turn on the fryer  and set variable to 1  
    2. turn off the fryer and set varaible to 0(with delay of 30min)    
    3. trigger on variable change to 0 with condition fryer = on give notification  
  • @JeroenKleijn I have it now like that but i love to see it in one flow :smile: 
  • The timers on the cards going always to there time and that is here those 30 minutes.
    So if you stop the flow after 15 min and you start it 10 minutes later again, the noticed comes then after 5 minutes.

  • 2. set varaible to 0(with delay of 30min)    
    Is this already possible? I know there was a request for parameters, but I didn't know this was implemented. So I could come home and say, Ok Homey, I'm home. And then only flows with the 'I'm home' parameter will trigger?
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