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your experience

Hi Emile and others,
You are using Homey (a version of it) already. Can you tell us your experience? Is the voice control already working like you would like it to (with noise from the tv/stereo, calling from the couch and more) ? What devices have you connected? How well does your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend likes it?

Would be nice to know because the product is not yet in our hands and this would give us a little bit of a feeling of the product.

So please, could you share us your story?



  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    As we don't have the 'final' product yet, of course we can't tell you how good it works for real. However, the individual tests we've done indicate everything is at least working as how we expected it to be.

    We'll post more updates when we have our first prototype of course! ;-)
  • Can't wait! ;-)
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