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Request: Also log on/off of the Fibaro Wall Plug

I really LOVE "Insights" and the charts it can produce. However, for the Fibaro Wall Plug the on/off state would be VERY nice to also have logged on change, cause it would help me analyze use moments and such and extend it in Qlickview kind of ways. I don't know if it's supported, but same goes for e.g. usage of NFC tags for time registration in a factory. Is it intentionally left out, of forgotten? Thanks for the answers in advance Athom!


  • @Athomey didn't Emile mentioned that in his latest video? Not supported yet, but later on i think he said
  • Thx for this answer! That would be valuable to know for certain. You are asking me a question I don't have the answer to unfortunately. But maybe someone can confirm. I'm not going to resee all videos (are there multiple?) for that, my time is too scarce, also unfortunately. I already read EVERY post on the forum and try to remember the stuff that matters to mee. :-)

    I think it would be nice to have requests in their own threads, so we can keep details on suggestions grouped together. Sometimes these kinds of requests get "snowed under" in 100 posts about 50 subjects. That's not going to work in the mid- to long run I think. :-)  2 cts
  • Emile indeed said in the video that on the moment only numeric values are logged. In the future text values will be supported as well.
  • Ah, for me on/off is better than good enough if logged as 1 / 0.    

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Booleans (on/off) and strings (regular text) support for Insights is on the to-do list indeed :)
  • Very nice Emile! You don't build EVERYTHING we ask, but you're producing very reasonable results, choosing wisely, and making me happy! Thx! :+1: 
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