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Giving access to other users

I tried giving access to the rest of my family, so from Settings - Users I sent them all an invitation. 
They got the mail and clicked the link. Because they didn't have an account yet, they all signed up and verified their account. 
No Homey was linked after doing this, so I went back to the invitation mail and clicked the link again. 
But I keep getting the message that no Homeys are linked to the account and I should maybe buy one. 

Am I doing something wrong? 


  • Got it working now.
    When clicking the invitation link, you have to be logged in to the account already.
    When you aren't logged and click the link, you get to the login screen but the Homey isn't shared after logging in.
    Apparently, the correct link isn't passed on after the login.

    Should I put this on github?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    It's a known issue, so you don't have to report it :)
  • OK :)
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