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My Precious


  • GEFELICITEERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Whohoooooo the first one!!!
  • How is the weight?
  • Super awesome!! :smiley: Congrats!
  • Great pic and the first pic that shows the led-ring design.

  • Nice picture. Have fun with it!!!

  • More pics soon!!
  • Who 100% pics on delivered Homey geeks!!

    Great to see and post the pics+movies+reviews+experiences+unboxing+etc info to the forum!! :mrgreen: 

  • Pretty!
  • More quick pics:

  • Nice have fun!
  • Mine is waiting at the post-office for me topick it up. I want to go home !!!!!!

    thanks for the pics.

  • Aren't the holes underneath the ledring too visible?
  • The microphones and IR LEDs needs a big enough holes I guess.
  • honey said:
    The microphones and IR LEDs needs a big enough holes I guess.
    That's obvious and not @Fire69 question. 
    He ask the Geeks if the holes are not to much visible and I was also asking myself. In the past was said there were some mods needed to get the IR's working properly and the (Athom) said the had a "fix" by making the IR "bypass" the ledring and make some holes in the casing. Since then we didn't see any quality pics of these mods and to me it looks like "big" holes.
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited February 2016
    Good to see that critical marco is back. Personally I liked the original design with the IR on the top. And also the recessed/flush LED ring:

    If you look carefully you can see the the holes on that picture as well just the the halo of the ring `shadows` it, just as in real life. Furthermore in most cases Homey will be placed below the eye level so you wont see them.
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited February 2016
    +1 and :heart: to @honey !

    Me also happy to be back :mrgreen: 

    Great to see all the pics and experiences :smile: 

    Personally i think the LED-ring looks OK and also that's a bit outside the sphere.
    The location of Homey in our livingroom(close to a wall on a dresser) probably will result in homey standing with its side into room. In that case the LEDring won't "block" the view to the holes and we look straight onto them. 

    So hopefully the are not to big :smile: 

  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited February 2016
    Richards second picture makes it look worse then it is IRL (just took it out of the box). You hardly notice them when it's on the table as it's in the last two pictures...
  • @BasVanDenBosch ;
    Thanx and great to hear!
  • MarcoF said:
    In that case the LEDring won't "block" the view to the holes and we look straight onto them.

    If the LED ring is turned on you definitely wont see it. It is bright enough.

    There is a saying among designers if you can`t hide it make feature of it. Maybe in the next generation it will be done differently. But that is not a big deal IMHO
  • Its indeed not that of a big deal. But on the other side we didn't see these holes on quality pics before and the look(!) big. But for now i believe the only look big and in the real world are no so big :smile: 

    Thanx all for the info!
  • It's OK, you don't really notice them unless you go looking specifically for them :smile: 
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