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[PUBLISHED] Harmony Hub App (v1.0.4)



  • B3rtB3rt Member
    ok thx...

    I tried several thing but i cannot get custom commands to run, only the commands which the app itself allows
  • I guess you have already added your Harmony Hub?
    Create a Flow of your choice and scroll down to Devices (apparaten)

    Dreg your Harmony Hub to the Then field ("not" the "Harmony Hub app" that reside in Apps)

    Change it to Send a Command to a Device.
    Hover over Device (apparaat)
    this can take up to 15sec in my case and select a device ( i selected Samsung DVR )

    Next go to Soort to select the type of command you want to send ( I selected NumericBasic )

    And now select the command you want to let the Homey perform on your Harmony

    Hope this makes it more clear

  • B3rtB3rt Member
    edited June 2017

    Thx thijs,

    But this is the same as i allready tried, the command i want to use is not selectable from harmony hub(your last screenshot)....

    So i can select the device and choose 'soort' but non of the options (i tried them all) has the option i am looking for (changing speaker selection between A and B ), on my harmony remote i asigned a button without any problem so the Harmony remote can do this without any problem, only the harmony app of homey not. 
  • hmm that stinks

    Homey reads al the options available for the Hub.
    I haven't got a lot of this type of flows but i have found al the commands i needed so far.

    than im afraid i can't help you, only the one who created it might be able to give you an answer.

  • tcarnal said:
    My harmony is finally working
    i have Candy restart the harmony app every 2 hours

    First I did it every 2 days but then it still failed after some time

    then restarted it every 12h but still had moments it stopped working 

    so changed it to 2 hours and no issues ever sins
    Here also! Works fine ever since ;-)

  • zimbrazimbra Member
    Fire69 said:
    zimbra said:
    Still not working for me :(
    Can't create the keepalive flow since I'm not retrieving any buttons..

    Already reinstalled the app a few times.

    Are you using the official desktop app or browser (Chrome)?
    Thanks! Via the desktop app it worked.
    I have now implemented the keepalive and a candy 2 hourly restart, hope it works..
  • T-mo-TT-mo-T Member
    edited August 2017
    Hmm the app used to work a little bit, but now I cannot change any flows at all anymore I get the following error:

    Existing flows continued working, but I also tried to re-install the app and pair the Hub again, but after that my existing flows were broken and I cannot change any flow anymore. Help.  :'(  

    Found this happened to tcarnal as well, but cannot found the solution in this topic...

    Tried everything, resyncing my hub, re-adding the hub in Homey, restart the Homey (cold boot)...

    I see this in my chrome network log:

    1. {status: 500,…}
      1. result:"Client for Hub with Id 'undefined' not available (yet). Please try again in 10 seconds or so..."
      2. status:500

  • EternityEternity Member
    edited August 2017
    Bummer @T-mo-T ; :'(

    I fear I can't help. In my case the Candy hack works. Sort of... 

    A workaround is using IFTTT; Homey and Harmony are both supported. 
    I did the same, for a while, and it worked okay, albeit with a bigger delay. 

    I do hope the Homey Harmony App gets some love from Athom (or a skilled developer). It is a popular home appliance, and I bet it has marketing value to have Homey support it correctly. 

  • Tried to get API access, but Logitech still didn't reply.

    They do provide a really simple API (that you can access without requesting it), but thats a few steps backwards compared to what the app was. (just controlling activities)
  • I had no issues with the Harmony app still running on 1.3.1 , after I upgraded to 1.5 experimental yesterday it gave me the exact same error and not able to make new flows as it's not able to see what items are defined

    the flows that where defined still work flawlessly 
  • @swttt
    Thanks for your silent effort!

    The nice thing about the most recent Harmony App is, that it added triggers. That was a cool extension of the functionality! 

    It allowed to use the actual Harmony hardware remote to also trigger a Harmony flow. So, if someone uses the Harmony remote to start the scene 'Film kijken", Homey would recognize that as a trigger and switch on my z-wave controlled subwoofer and set the Hue lights.

    Would be a big step back if that is lost!
  • The official "open" api is just simple REST. No sockets etc.
    Doesn't mean it's not possible, but would need to poll the hub for it. (i think its polling thats being used right now as well tho)

    Other then that, the biggest change is that you want be able to use certain buttons in flows etc. Only activities are supported. 

    Docs can be found here:
  • Well, I rebuilt all my flows now using IFTTT & Harmony. Works well so far, only a little more delay indeed, but functionality is there. Thanks for the tip Eternity. 

    Indeed, hopefully Athom or some smart developer will still put some effort in the native app to get it working and ideally with the support of the use case Eternity mentions (trigger Homey flows from Harmony = WIN). Will switch back to Harmony app when it's stable again... 

    Thanks all!
  • @swttt as far as I have seen the current app uses some sort of mqttt broker en subscription feed (with basic default username+password) for the triggers. It uses polling as well to fetch the activities and actions the user can do.
  • @MrDutchfighter
    Seems like its just polling for activities in the code. (haven't looked hard tho, but there is a var for interval setting in the driver) But can't find anything related to realtime events, so polling seems to be the only way.

    I was hoping that Logitech would allow access to the API, and that the API is more advanced then the current one..
  • I would already be happy with a basic app to start harmony activities.
    It works now via the old app with a 2-hourly restart and a keepalive but that's not really an ideal solution..
  • bjbjbjbj Member
    It would be very handy to have a feature to be able to work with Devices instead of only with Activities.
  • Try  A new Harmony Hub app. Seems pretty solid and STABLE to me. Another pro is that it it's splitting the devices at the start. Every device has it's own token. So you can put their state in flows as well. Not working yet though, but he sure is getting there.
  • Have installed it and it runs pretty smooth.

    Only thing that's not their yet are Triggers and Conditions.
    Something i really want to see.

    But its fast and stable so far.

    One thing.
    Both Harmony Apps can't co exist on the same Homey (in my case) the older Harmony App started Crashing every view seconds.
    Had to remove it.
  • JReenen just updated his harmony hub software to 1.1.0 and we have triggers

  • tcarnal said:
    JReenen just updated his harmony hub software to 1.1.0 and we have triggers

    ...and STABLE!!
  • Mod break: please keep this topic "on topic" which is the Harmony Hub App as released by @brinkie
    @jreenen made a dedicated discussion topic for his app; see
  • Hi guys, I installed the beta of the app but I have a few issues:

    1) I can't select an activity on the card in the "when" column.
    2) Is it possible to map a certain button (in my case the pause button) to a certain action? I would like to turn the kitchen lights on when pause is pressed when watching digital tv (with decoder).

  • The second question: No. The App does not support that.


    I managed to map a key (in my case the RECORD key on my Harmony remote) to open the Kodi menu, whilst Kodi is active.

    In short; I added a device in Logitech -  a multi media PC - and added this to my activity 'Playing Kodi'. In that activity I mapped a remote button - the RECORD one - to a 'PC key'. In Kodi I configured it to open the menu.

    I can't find the post here, but someone also came up with the idea to add an IR device to both your Harmony activities and to Homey. You can than assign a button on your remote to control that IR device. If Homey is in line of sight, it can see the IR signal and use it as a trigger. ... to switch on your light. I have not tested this.

    Good luck!
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