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Couple of questions

honeyhoney Member
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Hi @Emile ;, 

Have couple of questions. I thought it might interest many so would be more practical to post them here than ask these in email. 

  • Is it possible to make flow with delays between actions? Like: IR signal turn on TV wait 3 sec (to let it boot up) than change input. If not possible via flow editor can we make a flow written in java?
  • Similar to the one above. Can we set duration or repeat x times? Sending a single volume up/down won`t do much but if we say send volume down signal for 1.5 sec than we achieve something.
  • Will we be able to set a resend action? 433Mhz is a one way communication so there is no feedback that the device has received the signal. It can be often lost due to an interference. Can we set a resend value to let say send 3 times a (non toggle) command?
  • How set hierarchy between the flows to avoid clashes and or infinite loops? If I have a flow that keep the blind open while the illumination outside is at least 500 lux but have another flow what shuts the blind when I start to watch a movie. On a sunny day that two flow would clash.
  • Will we be able to manually add/change 433Mhz channels? Like: I have one single channel somfy remote but have two blinds. If not necessary I would not buy another remote because it is overpriced and would not use it. So I would like to manually add a channel in homey. Is it possible via app or command line?

Thanks in advance.


  • @honey

    Sending with a delay is possible.
    The points 1, 2 and 3 are almost the same.
    1. Here are the commands different. The first has no delay. Then you can give the next ones 3, 6, 9, ... sec. delay.
    2. see 3
    3. The only differences is use of the same command that you repeat with a delay.

    For the rest of you questions  I can't give you an answer.

  • Ad 1: creating flows in Java? Guess not. Homey uses NodeJS, so JavaScript. Entirely different thing.
  • Don't dare to say a Java developers is a JS developer, it will probably end in a ....

    never mind.... :mrgreen: 

  • Yes I meant NodeJS, not Java. 
  • You meant Javascript, because NodeJS is written in Javascript :smile: 

  • PimBliekPimBliek Member
    edited February 2016
    MarcoF said:
    Don't dare to say a Java developers is a JS developer, it will probably end in a ....
    Even more fun: start a debate on wether vi or emacs is the best editor :smiley: (of course the answer is vi, unless you want carpal tunnel syndrome :wink:)
  • edited February 2016
    Notepad++ for the win!  o:)
  • Nano is my favorite Linux editor :smile: 

    Very Nano, Very simple, Very straight forward :smile: 

  • WP 5.1 anyone?
  • @DaneeDeKruyff;
    Thats so 1990.....

  • honeyhoney Member
    edited February 2016
    Anything for question 5 & 6? I don`t think Q5 is unique scenario.
  • @honey;
    The last video that @Emile made, shows its possible to set Homey to listen to a certain 433 channel.
    So to me that looks like it should be possible to set 433 Channels for transmitting, but i don't know if thats already OOTB  possible.
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