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  • RobinRobin Member
    We haven't tested the app with those spots, but it is highly likely that they implement the same protocol, and will be available as RGBW bulb through the bridge. However, I found that the "official" Milight RGBW led strip controller implements a slightly different protocol than the RGBW bulb, which results in differing colors between the led strip and a bulb.
  • @Robin THX for the reply. You mentioned differing colors between the led strip and a bulb. Are the differences marginal, so you don't advice them to use close to eachother because it shows?
  • RobinRobin Member
    No they are quite significant unfortunately, when setting hue to blue, the RGBW bulb will turn blue, and the RGBW led strip will turn green :/

    I am not certain on how I will fix this, as when you have a RGBW bulb and led strip in the same group, there is no way to avoid this. The bridge will need to send two different hue commands to the same group, and both devices will respond to this (both setting different colors). I am afraid the only way to do this right now is to keep the led strips and bulbs in different groups/zones.

    FYI, for people thinking of buying such a controller, this one uses different hue commands than the RGBW bulbs:

    And this one uses the same hue commands, but does not seem to support white light mode commands from the milight bridge  (even though it is RGBW)

  • @Robin THX for the answer and extra info. So stick to the rgb version for the led-strip... ;-) 
  • @Robin I'm looking for some GU10 spots to use in my living, but wondering if they are supported in the app. It is not clear to me if the GU10 RGBW milight is supported cq working or not.
    I have 2x gu10 connected, connect them as RGB lights.
  • @Robin I'm looking for some GU10 spots to use in my living, but wondering if they are supported in the app. It is not clear to me if the GU10 RGBW milight is supported cq working or not.
    I have 2x gu10 connected, connect them as RGB lights.
    Thx for the info. Any buying recommendation? ;)
  • Will it be possible to operate the bulbs directly in the future as the remote control does? Maybe this is of some help

  • RobinRobin Member
    For now this is not in the pipeline, it will probably take a lot of effort to get that working properly as I understand from the blog. But it of course free to submit pull requests ;)  
  • Robin said:
    For now this is not in the pipeline, it will probably take a lot of effort to get that working properly as I understand from the blog. But it of course free to submit pull requests ;)  
    Is non-WiFi communication on the 2.4 GHz band even possible for Homey and its apps? :)
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited June 2016
    was just posted on slack, so it seems possible... How much does milight interfere with wifi, so they get in the way of each other?

    Homey can't transmit RF can it? Bleutooth and Wifi but no other signals on this band? Or can the signal of the Bleutooth transceiver be altered?

  • The Milight 3.0.0 is released !

    Fixed my problems I've been experiencing with Homey removing milight devices on reboot. Thanks

  • I have been using mysensors before reading about homey and that it is now compatible with mysensors. There is a topic on the mysensors forum where a user have added support for milights without using any wifi-bridge. As a bonus every milight-node you build also serves as a mysensors nrf radio repeater so that you expand range for both nrf and milight. And also there is no limit to the number of bulbs that can be controlled by the node.

    I do not have the skills myself to make any use of this as I use domoticz as controller but someone who is more skilled maybee can make it work also on the homey. The only parts needed for a milight node is a arduino and a nrf radio.
    There is also another option as RFlink can also control them directly.
  • 2Be2Be Member
    @Robin ;
    Even with 3.0 installed I keep losing my Milight light bulbs after a few minutes? I have to manually stop and restart the milight app to get it working again.
  • casedacaseda Member
    @2Be ;
    have you tried to readd the bulbs in 3.0? It changes the way it is communicating to the hub a little
  • RobinRobin Member
    Indeed, try what @caseda proposes, however, if the bulbs go unavailable after a while that means that the bridge becomes unreachable. If the problem remains, would you be able to run the app from the command-line and send me the logging? That might give me some more insight in what is causing this problem for you.
  • PBaan93PBaan93 Member
    edited August 2016
    @Robin and other Milight owners

    Is it possible that I have a new type of bulb?

    I have an 6w E27 RGB WW (RGB White series), it seems to me that it has 4 LEDs: R+G+B+WarmWhite.
    In the MiLight app I can use de color picker or select the warm white LED. In the homey app I can't add it as an RGBW bulb or White bulb. I can add it as an RGB bulb and control R+G+B but cannot use the warm white LED.

    Is this type of bulb currently supported? If it isn't supported, can I help you integrate it? Maybe I can test what API command is used for the warm white LED.

  • At the office we have a 'regular' 6x RGBW bulb, I guess yours is new? In the milight app, what remote are you using? (there are like 6 types). 

    You could always sniff the traffic, or just try out some commands and create a PR if you got something working!:)
  • I am using this one:

    Long press upper left button for Warm White.

    Do you have a command list that works? Just use postman to talk to the Wifi Brige?
  • Hm oke, guess that's new. Well no it is a bit more complicated than that. You'd have to find the bridge's IP address and create a socket connection (using nodejs), then write buffers with hexadecimal values to the bridge as commands.

    If you are interested in learning, take a look at my node-milight implementation, it would be easy to extend this and add the correct commands for you specific bulb:
  • Thanks!!

    Already made a small homey app so I know the basics. I will try to make a new device called RGBWW by combining your RGBW and RGB and add in the new WW hex commands. If I can't get it done i will at least try to find the correct command and send you a bulb. :wink: 

    It will take a while untill I find the time to try to implement it. I keep you posted.
  • No problem, good luck!:)
  • Ik heb de RGBW controller met led strips en RGWB controllers met GU10. Echter als je bijvoorbeeld aangeeft via spraak dat het groen moet worden is de response in het engels (Green) en wordt de kleur naar rood veranderd. Warm wit gaat wel prima.. 
  • snijplanksnijplank Member
    edited August 2016
    @caseda i have my strips and GU10 on different controllers, i also noticed the zone association got mixed up. For example Controller 1 zone 1 is a strip on the left side, Controller 1 zone 2 is on the right side. When i set them up i assign them a name, left and right. When playing with flows i control left and the right side gets activated. Some weird things going on
  • @snijplank ;
    it doesn't matter if they are on a different controller, the protocol the controllers are using is the same, and that is switched with colors red and green when using a GU10 vs LED strip.
  • I think this is fixable by changing the wiring, Will try this at home
  • 2Be2Be Member
    I ordered the new iBox1 controller. Lot's of new Milight products including the possibility to set the saturation and color temperature. 

    Will this new controller and the new functions be supported?

    With these new functions the milight laps will even be a better competitor for the more expensive alternatives like HUE etc.
  • 2Be2Be Member
    @Robin ;
    A lot of information is on this site:

    I hope it is possible to include as much Milight functions as possible. It is a real budget Home automation brand,
  • @2Be ;
    milight could already change saturation and color temperature? (using the color temperature myself from the start) so whats new about it? 
    i do like their version of the remote though, white/blue good combination
  • 2Be2Be Member
    @caseda ;
    The new light bulb 8W with the Kelvin color temp between 2700-6500K couldn't be controlled by the old controller.

    The old light bulbs had Kelvin WW(2700-3200K) / CW (6000-6500K). So now the gap between 3200K and 6000K is covered.

    The new products are not RGBW called anymore, but RGB+CCT. Don't know exactly why. 

    More info about Milight in dutch is on:

    The new smart panel looks good too. Am thinking about implementing this together with the floodlight in my garden next year.

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