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SIP support - For security system, elderly/disabled users, etc..,

Could Homey`s firmware support SIP? It would be very useful if homey could either make a phone call or send text message when for example someone brakes in the house. The mobile app has notification function but your phone might not have a constant data connection for various reasons: you are abroad, want to save your battery or your contract does not come with data allowance…

Also might want to add people to the call/text list who don’t have the app like grandparents who lives in the next street.

Would be also essential for elderlies or people with disabilities so they can voice activate (or panic button, smoke detector, flood sensor) homey who contacts the carers or relatives.


  • Well, you know, it's always a bit of a tricky business when automating contact with emergency services, but it could come in handy. SIP is just a software feature, and the microphone and speaker are already present, as well as a text to voice synthesizer. You know, this might be worth adding. It could also make for a very cool fun feature aside from the obvious serious feature of calling emergency services or calling someone to let them know something has gone wrong (Hello, this is Homey. This is an automated message; my owner has taken a fall and is unable to communicate. Please send someone over immediately). It could also just be for fun or information. For example Homey could actually call you (not just text you) and tell you about things that are going on in the house. "Hello, Homey to The-Idiot-That-Owns-Me; you left your oven on for more than an hour now, and my records show you're not here. I think I should let you know that I've shut the power to the oven off. Idiot."

    So yeah, +1 from me.
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited January 2016
    You are right emergency services are not dealing with automated services unless they are contracted to do so. That is why I haven`t mention it. But it could contact to people who know about that you have such system: relatives, friends, site manager, carer, and yourself.
    Could have an account at provider like put 10€ on it and thats good for a lifetime with their rate. 
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Microphone access for apps is disabled in the beginning, but we have plans to enable it to do just this! 
  • You can send text messages without SIP, using just HTTP POST functions.

    For example, I do that for my webhosting company when a server goes down, using Ofcourse there probably are cheaper services, but this one I've been using for quite a long time and it rarely failed me.

    The same thing is probably possible with Slack and more apps, but SMS is the best option for me as I can turn off Wifi & 4G and still receive it.

    On the other hand, it would be cool to have Homey use speech to call through SIP :)
  • The texting ability of the SIP is secondary. True that it`s easyer to implement an SMS function. The main point is the phone call. There are 3 points why that has firm advantage over other notification services:
    1. Persistent. While SMS trigger a brief notification what can be easily ignored and missed. To answer a phone call cannot be postponed and harder to miss.
    2. Can contact to landline phones as well. Many landline provider has SMS to call service but not all of them or they charge extra for such service. Also you don`t have control how long to ring or how many times to try.
    3. If you happened to be abroad: SMS does not always works internationally (meaning outside of Europe). Phone works in every country of the world.
    Also SIP is used by some intercom systems. So these could be integrated to HA system as well.

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