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Gledopto 2.4 Wireless RGB+CCT Led Controller (ZLL compatible)

ermep01ermep01 Member
edited August 2018 in Devices
I'm trying to add a device. Whatever I try, it becomes visable as a "Unknown Zigbee device"
Now I can only switch on/off. Re-pairing always gets the same result.
Even when I try through Philips Hue Zigbee. I do not have any other controller(s) at home beside the Homey.

I bought this controller:
Gleopto 2.4 Wireless RGB+CCT Led Controller
(Zigbee Light Link Compatible)

(Homey 1.0.4 reports:)
Fabrikant ID: GLEDOPTO
Apparaat ID: 528
Profiel ID: 49246
Netwerk Adres: 0x00124b00199f1310

Somebody any suggestions to get it working the way its supposed to work? (As a RGBWW led strip.)
I did already a long search, but always I need a hue controller...

Thanks in advance.

(Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.12)


  • Zigbee isn`t completly implemented yet, and for i believe the lightlink is stil missing.

    But, iam sure someone with more knowlege about the whole Zigbee thing can be more specific about it.
  • @ermep01 in order to add more functions to a Zigbee device, you’ll have to create an dedicated app for this device / brand...
    But be aware that the current Zigbee implementation of Homey only supports Zigbee HA (Home Automation) and does not yet support Zigbee Light Link. 

    Depending on the implementation of the device, you will be able to get it to work... or have to wait for the completion (after the rewrite) of the Zigbee core...
  • You could give my git a try.
    I dont have the device yet but i created a basic app for it.

    You need to sideload it because it isnt in the appstore.

  • @mruiter (and others),
    Thanks for your answers.
    I Will give it a try to sideload your git.
    I don’t (yet) know how to do this, but that is my challenge for the next days.
    I will report back or I will come back with more questions.....
  • ermep01ermep01 Member
    edited August 2018
    Well, I'm back and guess what happend... It's working with the basic app from @mruiter!! Many thanks.
    I managed to sideload it ( with a few adjustments).
    Removed the "unknown Zigbee device" in the Homey app.
    Get the controller in pairmode and add the Gledopto RGB controller.

    I can turn the leds on/off, change colors and even dim!
    I have this leds ( and the only thing that isn't working are the white leds. I can make "white" through RGB, but the strip has seperate white leds.
    (Maybe I bought the wrong ledstrips, mine has only rgbw+black wires, should be rgbCw+black)
    This is absolutly NO comment on the app, but I think it's worth mentioning it.
    When I can be at any more assistance (with my little knowledge) to update or test the app let me know.
    For now I'm very pleased I got it working (with a little help from this forum).

  • i will look into the whites when i get my controller. should be comming in anytime now
  • As the basics seem to work i will also put it in appstore with the notice its work in progress :)
  • Deleted the sideload version in the Homey app.
    Installed again from the Homey apps.
    After a few tries (adding the device) it's working again.
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