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[HOW TO] CLI install method

HansieNLHansieNL Member
edited February 2017 in Apps
Check Node.js version on Homey:
Settings - System - Show Stuff for geeks - node_version

Install Node.js:
Download Node.js (Homey's version) from and install it on your PC.

Download App.ZIP from GitHub (  to your PC:
Click "Download ZIP"

Unpack ZIP:
Unpack App.ZIP on your PC

Open Node.js command prompt, and install the athom-cli tools:
npm install -g athom-cli

On the command prompt, log in to your Homey:
athom login

Navigate to the 'root' folder of the App on your PC

For running project:
athom project --run

For installing project:
athom project --install

For selecting Homey:
athom homey --select
athom homey --unselect


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