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Issue with Fibaro RGBW controller

tommyktommyk Member
edited June 2018 in Devices


Ive installed Fibaro RGBW controller to control my led lights in my bathroom. I have issues to get the colours but for the most part it works ok, but it's very tricky to choose a good colour. I have 3 flows but one of them is not working correctly, i'm getting strange failure massage "transmition_failed" . 

It's very strange when I'm testing the flow it works after 10 time but when I test changing the card to change colour and finally I come back to the card I want with the desired brightness. But still it doesn't work when the flow is triggered. 

Does somebody know what that that message means and how I can resolve the problem?



  • tommyktommyk Member
    edited June 2018
    After trying different things I decided to unpair the rgbw fibaro controller and pair it again, so far it looks like the problem has been solved :)
  • tommyktommyk Member
    Problem is still not solved... after a few days my light are still not working properly. My night flow has the same issues but furthermore I couldn't do anything. Nothing worked, Ive restarted the power to the module but it didn't help. I needed to restart the fibaro app in Homey. It looks like it's a app issues, I wil notify the developer Athom team about this discovery.
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