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Niko EasyWave

SoDaDealsSoDaDeals Member
edited May 2018 in Devices

I've received my Athom Homey this week.
I have some lights that are connected to Niko EasyWave relays.
Is it possible to operate those relays using Homey.
Here is an overview of the Niko EasyWave range :

What needs to be done to get this up-and-running into Homey ?

I have some IT-expertise and want to help where needed.




  • You need an App for Niko EasyWave but it is not yet created. 
    it uses FSK on 868,3 MHz

    also see:

    Homey uses ASK modulation most of the time, so receiving will be a problem. 
  • Hi GeurtDijker,

    So, if receiving will be problem, it won't work ?
    Even if there is an app ?

    Kind regards,

  • Homey can send FSK and start listening  for a short time afther that in FSK.
    Usefully off some 2way systems but not to continualy listen to easywave remotes.
    If you switched on a light manual Homey would not know.
  • Ok, but that is something I can live with.
    If Homey could turn it on, and turn it off, that's all I need.

    How could I help to get things going ... ?
  • DutchpropDutchprop Member
    edited June 2018
    Did you manage to get this working?
  • Hi guys, I'm assuming nobody took this a step further? 
    Is there something I can help with?
  • Hi,

    No, I didn't manage to get it working.

    But I still believe it has some potential because a lot of people are using Niko here in Belgium.

    Can you help "Dutchprop" ?

    Kind regards,


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