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Rename Temperature Sensor Fibaro

Hi Guys,

First of all, great product!! 

Second, I want to know if I am able to rename the temperature sensors connected to my Fibaro Universal Sensor, so basically these;

I am monitoring the temperatures of different points in my hot tub and piping, which I will use to control the pump and heating using flows. I can easily do this now, though I would be happy if I can rename the sensors to the actual location of the sensor or something logical, this will make life a lot easier! 

Thanks in advance!



  • Guess you will need to change that in the app (code) because you can only rename the device afaik
  • TommyTommy Member
    Thanks for your reply! And... How do I achieve that, changing the code for this particular part?

    I can imagine more users have the same issue here? It's a pain to constantly need to refer to a paper/file on the side where I have noted for example " Temperatuur Sensor 1 = "Afvoer Bad"
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited May 14

    Do you know how to use CLI to install Apps manually?

    If not.... your are in for a steep learning curve (click)

    If yes...this might work:
    - download the .zip from the developer (here)
    - extract the zip
    - open the driver file(s) in a tekst editor
    - find and replace the mentioned text
    - save/overwrite the edited files
    - upload the App to your Homey via CLI

  • TommyTommy Member
    Thanks, I will have a try these days! 
  • TommyTommy Member
    So following this procedure, I would have to re-connect the sensors to the homey or am I wrong? I am asking since the sensors are not easy to reach (and definitely not near my homey)....
  • EternityEternity Member
    No, just modify the code in the app. 
  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Moderator
    Eternity said:
    No, just modify the code in the app. 
    Sure about that?
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited May 23
    No.... I am eternally unsure...and that's how I learn. 

    But seems (...) like a minor alteration to the App. Normally an update does not require a re include...

     Just try and restart the App and Homey. You can always install the official App again. 
  • TommyTommy Member
    Okéy thanks! I will try it out in about 2 weeks and report back the results! 
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