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Not able to record 433MHz signal through Chrome Developer Tools anymore...?

I'm trying to create a 433MHz app ,and I'm following the different guides for the app generator and the signal generator.
I've successfully recorded the signal before, but wanted to try again now, and I just get an error:

/api/manager/microcontroller/record?_=1523900784873 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
What's going on...?

The only difference from the last time, is that in the meantime I've created two apps on Homey, but then deleted them again with "rm -rf" as I wanted to start over again.

Other than that there are no changes made, but I still can't get further on the "How to record a signal" guide...


  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited April 2018
    You are already talking about this in a another topic how to make an 433 app, please keep the discussion there instead of opening up several topics, i will close this topic. If you have any questions contact @bram or any other moderator on the forum.. When the community can't answer it contact Athom support 
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