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Trigger delay

HinHin Member

This great app, is it possible to expand the trigger delay function?
I have a sensor in my hallway, the motion reset time is set to 2 min.
If I set the"Trigger delay" time to 2 min (I'm in the hallway and activating the alarm), the alarm will be activated after 2 min (if I understood this right), and the alarm motion detection will be reset in that time.
Problem: When I come home, I'll only need 30 sec to deactivate the alarm, and I don't want the sensor to wait 2 min if a thief is in the house.
So my idea is to have 2 trigger delay:
 1. activating after xx sec, so all motion sensor have time to reset, so there will be no false alarm.
 2. Time before trigger an alarm after the system is in armed mode.

Suggestion: in the picture below, replace the "Delayed trigger" column with two column "Delay activate" and "Delay trigger" (default 30 sec)
It would be nice to have this per row/sensor, you may not need to change every sensor but satisfy with the default 30 sec.   

Hope this is something you will include in the next release, thanks in advance.


  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited March 2018
    There is a Heimdall topic on this forum where you can ask this, this topic will be closed because requests  for a community app are not made in all kinds of extra topics. Please read the forum rules
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