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Back-up flows and Devices

Is there a way to make a complete back-up of all flows and devices in case something goes wrong after a software update or somebody holds your homey upside down for a few seconds ;).

Would be a nightmare to start pairing all devices again and creating all flows.


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    It's pretty hard to reset a Homey's user data, but yes, we do perform a nightly backup. The restore functionality is just not implemented yet, but it'll come! 
  • JulianJulian Backer - Homey
    Emile said:
     we do perform a nightly backup.
    As in, Homey does that locally or are all flows (also?) stored on a server and you guys make a nightly backup?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Your user settings are backed-up to our servers every night :) Encrypted don't worry we can't access them ;) 
  • Hi Emile, does this mean that after a crash you can assist restoring the back-up to my homey from your server? As a workaround till the restore function is implemented. I have already put a lot of time in configurating my homey. It would be a lot of work if I have to start over again. 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition
    Don't think so, don't hope so as that would mean all my data is stored at Athom?

    There's a backup-app for flows:

  • Priknr1Priknr1 Moderator
    Any chance this can be build for (z-wave) devices to? Or is that a much bigger deal than the flows?
  • casedacaseda Moderator
    the backup isn't that hard, just the recovery of that backup to homey is a LOT harder

    z-wave and zigbee in special, since their own backup capabilities are very... very limited. and not doable by us users since you need to have a direct connection to at least the z-wave chip to be able to recover.
  • A local backup and restore function is needed!
  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Backer - Super Early Bird
    It's on the list, give it your votes.
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