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Logic trigger "A variable change"

I installed the SONOS application (
The following appeared in the tags:

How do I track a change in a tag "Playing"?

So it does not work.
What does the variable changge do and where do you take the variable names?
Use Better Logic not to offer.
I need to track changes to system variables, not to manually created ones. (This topic does not solve my problems.)


  • U cannot use tags in the normal logic variable cards. U have to set a normal variable and the use that name, like type the name in the card.
    vlasinus said:

    Use Better Logic not to offer.

    Do u mean u don't wanna use Better Logic?
  • I need to turn the virtual button on and off when turning on and off the SONOS
    How can I do it? The plugin does not allow using the Column as a trigger.
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