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Connect & control ALSET-2000 (KAKU alarm) with homey

Hi there,

i currenty have the "klikaanklikuit" alarm system with the ics-2000 control box. This was combined with the trust zled through my house. When the alarm was triggerd all the lights in the house would be switch on. unfortunately the colors where off (at least to me) and now i've switched to HUE. Since the philips app is much nicer then the KAKU i control the lights through the HUE brigde, which is in its turn now also connected to homey. 

The major downsize is that i can't seem to connect the alarm with homey, while all other KAKU products are supported. Connecting the HUE lamps to the ics-2000 again is not an option since the app doens't come near to the philips app and has no integration with homey at all. 

Since the ALSET-2000 is part of the already supported KAKU line, is there, or will there be any way to connect the system, or individual sensors or will i have to replace te whole system? The ALSET works on the 868mhz band so homey should be able. If homey wont be able to communicate directly to the sensors and siren, would it be possible to send a "arm/disarm" signal to the ics-2000 and receive a status if alarm is triggerd, so i can use that to create a flow which turn on the lights and send a push?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, i'm starting to feel the only way is to replace everything with zwave/zigbee door sensors and other components which would be an expensive thingy again.


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