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Bose Soundlink

d3raxd3rax Member
edited April 2018 in Questions & Help

I use a Bose Soundlink as bluetooth speaker to listen to spotify. I'm wondering if the following flow is possible with Homey.

  1. Manually turning on the speaker with the power button on the speaker.
  2. As soon as the speaker automaticly has connected to Homey through bluetooth, Homey starts streaming music from Spotify.
  3. During streaming you can ask Homey to play diffent songs or playlist.

With a normal audio setup that Homey is able to turn on by itself it is possible to ask Homey to play music directly. With the soundlink this is not possible. You have to push the powerbutton and it has not a real stanby option as far as I know.

So it would be nice that a push on the powerbutton on the soundlink directly starts streaming music fron spotify!



  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    edited December 2015


    (if the bose automatically connects, that is)

  • The Böse mini soundlink connecte automaticly after pushend the power button :-)

  • Overlord said:

    The Böse mini soundlink connecte automaticly after pushend the power button :-)

    Hi Overlord, I also have the mini soundlink. I can't find my soundlink on my homey. Please help, do I need to install an app from the athom app store? How can I get the bose soundlink mini as a device in Hope you will help me.
  • Guess u have to wait a little since Bluetooth is not available yet
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