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EDIT (14/02/2018): Higher reward from Flight777

The original PLEX app has been broken now for quite a while and development seems to have been ceased all together. A shame, because PLEX integration into Homey is and would be extremely useful for home-theather set-ups (it was even advertised in the original Homey promo!!)

Original topic: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/366/homey-plex-application-main-discussion-thread#latest

Unfortunately, I do not have the know-how or skill to develop something like that on my own. Therefore, I want to start a reward pool going for a developer that can take up the development and provides us with a new working PLEX app! Hopefully this spurs a new era of PLEX in Homey. If other people also would like to contribute as sponsor please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Current sponsors:

- Flight777 --> €75,- AND a year of PLEX Pass if required for development

Requested features for a first version

- Playback detection --> Detect when something is played, paused or stopped and what extacly is played. Also the time left of playing.
- Playback initiation and control --> Being able to select a movie/serie and start of resume playback. For series, there should be resuming to the next episode and also individual episode selection. Also able to pause and stop playback.
- *suggestions from other sponsors..

Bonus (if possible):

- PLEX webhook integration (PLEX Pass feature) --> http://support.plex.tv/articles/115002267687-webhooks/
- Dynamically set pre-roll videos (PLEX Pass feature)
- Detect when trailers (before movies) are playing and when movie itself starts
- Integration of PLEX Music into Homey Music

Current developer(s):

- N/a



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