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"Presence" not detecting my android smartphone

Presence does not detect my smartphone although it does send notifications to it
My wife iphone is however correctly detected 
The different behaviour can also be observed in the "Insight" panel where the iPhone presence is monitored while my Android is NOT available

does it depend on Android/IOS difference or what?
any suggestion?


  • Why no comments whatsever?

    I try to rephrase:
    Is there a difference on detecting the "Presence" of an android or IOS device by Homey?
  • There are multiple discussions about your issue on the forum. So no need to start a new topic. When you would use the search option you wil find it. Or just look at the latest topics
  • OK thanks I'll search more
  • Did you give you phone a static ip on the router?
  • no did not
    however it is surprising that my wife's iPhone has been immediately acknowledged by Homey  at signup
    and the presence is continuously updated even before she gets home
    Homey detects her presence even before the wifi is connected
    I really don't know how, probably by her GPS position?
    The same for my daughter's iPhone
    That's why I thought it depended on the android vs IOS difference and therefore on the weackness of android connection to Homey

    Another issue I was wondering is that I am the "owner" of Homey, the first who connected with the smartphone (android) and maybe this characteristic thought could be related to the peculiar behavior of "Presence"

    I have searched and found many many discussions on Presence, sometime very confusing for a newcomer.
    That's why I thought expert users could have established a "Final" understanding of how it works with respect to the differences I cited

    Thanks anyway, it was just a matter of understanding it's not crucial to my purpose
    I have now more severe issues I cannot solve so that I can't get the system working anymore
    see discussion:

  • glijieglijie Member
    edited December 12
    stepic7 said:
    Why no comments whatsever?

    I try to rephrase:
    Is there a difference on detecting the "Presence" of an android or IOS device by Homey?
    Maybe because it is already mentioned multiple times on this forum.
    Android and precence Sucks!!!!

    there are other solutions for you can use till it is working
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