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convert code to app with use of macbook

KlaasFKlaasF Member
edited November 2017 in Developers
Hello everybody, 

I'm new to the forum and actually new to domotica as well. Unfortunately I got informed incorrectly and now I have spend quite some money on an alarm system with use of homey (shit advice I guess), which does not work. 

But now I have the gear and I would like to have it working as well. Most stuff is working only the main control; a zipato keypad is not working. Now I looked around and found a code for this keypad (groovy) on github. I tried to convert this to an app with some instructional videos on youtube (I'm not a programmer) but I keep getting stuck and can't find a good instruction on how to convert code to an app with use of a macbook. 

I have seen the start up guide at the website but for some reason already with the first command line it gives an error;  $ npm install -g athom-cli -bash: $: command not found

Does anybody has this or can I better put my homey on ebay?




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