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Homey reset

honeyhoney Member
edited November 2015 in Archive

This is really cool:

So dont play ball games with it. :)

I did not know it has a gyroscope. How about shaking it…Homey why don`t you listen to me, am I talking Chinese? :D


  • Nice , no more press recovery on back and find IP ..blabla ... :)

  • backups are getting more important..
    hey daddy look, this device is talking to me when I turn it upsite down :D

  • honeyhoney Member
    edited November 2015

    He/She should play with the turtle

    How about making the legs capacitive? If you touch 2 of them than it would do a backup :D

  • Hmm... so it's very important for my wife that she not knock it over when she's cleaning (dusting). This makes it worth considering to put Homey in an out-of-reach location...

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Don't worry, Homey won't erase anything if you specificaly tell Homey to do so. Just flip it again to cancel recovery, or while you're in recovery and want to cancel, plug out the cable and plug it back in again.

  • @Bumbles: Maybe offer to take over the dusting part of the housekeeping. It will certainly increase the WAF of Homey:0)!

  • I have moved home and my wifi has changed. I wanted to reset homey so I could set-up my wifi again but the Homey is not working :( just goes orange then red. I have tried turning upside down and nothing. Is there any other way to reset?
  • :/
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