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Software/driver development roadmap

honeyhoney Member
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Great news about the mass production. Well done. This will finally allow you to focus on the software development. Do you have a plan what drivers will you issue till end December/January (the kind of launch period)?
From the campaign:

Homey works with...

Many of us based our decision based on the campaign. Particularly worried about Somfy and Lightwaverf.


  • JonJon Member
    edited November 2015

    +1 for Fakro (window openers)

    +1 for Spotify (not perse Connect since that depends on Spotify, the 'normal' spotify would be enough for me so I can stream to Airplay / Chromecast)

    • 1 for Airplay

    +1 for Philips, especially if that would mean their non-android Smart TV's.

    @Emile Perhaps a good idea to make a poll to have the backer's preferences translated into a top 10 top 20 wishlist?

  • I think Fibaro + Kaku + Hue is a very powerful combination.

    Hue has high quality lights, but the switches are simply impractical. Kaku Wall sockets are a great addition to upgrade existing lamps with wireless control. Fibaro or KaKu switches (depending on the desired reliability) are both great to control the hue lights and Kaku wall sockets.

    Currently, I use cheap KaKu wall sockets and switches to control several dimmed and colored scenes and it works awesomely. I'd love to expend with the more sophisticated Fibaro sensors. Kaku sensors are not that great and can only measure 1 thing.

    +1 for Youtube and chromecast: my number one combo for music and esports.

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