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Support for AVM Fritz!Box smart-home devices (Germany)

Hello Guys!
Can you please tell me if Homey is gonna support "AVM FRITZ!DECT 200" - WiFi connected electricity plugs?

Looks like AVM is offering an open API.
So since AVM is getting deeper and deeper into smart-home and the devices are really good - it would make sense to connect Homey with "AVM FRITZ!DECT 200".

Thanks a lot for your awesome work!


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    That's interesting! @Stefan

  • I didn't know there was DECT for home automation, always thought it was for limited range wireless telephony only. I suppose Homey doesn't support DECT by itself.

  • Interesting indeed. About 40m reach indoors.

  • @MarcoVanDenHout No but through the AVM Fritz!Dect 200 would be possible I guess.

  • I think it will requires a Fritz!box as a bridge, the Fritz!Dect will connect to that and will offer the API to talk to from a third part device (Homey)

  • Indeed, most Fritz!Boxes (routers) have DECT capability so they might be used as IP (Wifi/Ethernet) to DECT gateway. The Fritz!Dect 200 is DECT-only and I highly doubt that Homey can talk DECT directly.

  • As some of you already have pointed out above, Fritz uses DECT, which is not included in Homey due to the severely limited amount of devices using the tech (and the fact that these devices are not necessarily better/different from, for example, Z-Wave devices). There is of course a possibility to support DECT via a gateway, but at the moment we are not working on that due to other priorities. You are, of course, free to build so yourselves, and we will also look closer in this matter when we have the time (if they really provide an open API, both you and we could implement them). For now, we would advise either cheaper RF switches (Klikaanklikuit for example) or Z-Wave plugs.

  • DenWDenW Member
    edited October 2015

    I wouldn't exactly call nearly every single wireless telephone handset a "severely limited amount of devices". Having Homey react in some way to incoming calls is one use case (think of Homey being used in homes for impaired people). Automation controllers for impaired\disabled and\or elderly people has to be a huge and growing market.
    But besides that it would have been so much fun to call your home, provide an access code and tell Homey by voice to make it ready for your arrival.

    So, if there is someone who knows of the existence of a DECT IP gateway, i for one would love to hear about it.

  • @DenW, true. Good point. We indeed looked at home automation for the better part (because that is the only 'opened' DECT protocol as far as I know. Anyway, Homey does indeed not feature Dect, so integration of an IP gateway would indeed be the way forward for the people wanting this integration.

    For calling your home, you can already just talk to Homey via the smartphone app, which can be considered similar to calling ;)

  • I know Domoticz had integration with the Fritz!Box.
    See here:

  • Thanks for your replies!

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