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Insights sneak preview



  • (ziek(elijk) kan op 2 manieren op worden gevat :) )

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Haha, I'll stay optimistic MarcoF! ;)

  • Beste @emile, aller eerst ben ik razend enthousiast over Homey! Dit is echt de eerste product waarmee ik lang verwachte wens in vervulling kan laten gaan! En ja, ik heb reeds Homey geek pre-order geplaatst :) Tevens heb ik hoge verwachtingen van Homey!

  • Wow, learnt so much new stuff about Homey. The one feeling I can't shake is that there are no short cuts taken when making this product.
    I got that feeling about every other product but not Homey.
    Another thing is that you guys haven't chosen a path where only the geeks or the normal people are being served.
    Well done guys!

  • Awesome! I love the microfund idea to give the non-coders in the community the option to realize support for their devices. There are already online services that offer this so it could be integrated pretty easy I guess.

  • I finally have 2 questions answered by watching the presentation:

    • Honeywell support.
    • HEOS support.
      I know its in develepment. I (and even my wife!) cant wait for the launch and upcomming aps
  • You've made this product so awesome. I especially love the little details, like how developers can modify the colors of the LED ring specifically for their apps...

  • Emile said:

    here's an 'export to csv' feature, which is just a static url, so you could write a script that exports it at an interval :-)

    How do I access that URL? I would love to export the data to a time series database.
  • ArjanArjan Member
    edited February 2017
    @PeterPeters , Have tried downloading the insights with the 3 dots, force open the file with Excel?

  • So it is possible to trend for example the room temperature from a Nest thermostat and the 0-10v input from a Fibaro RGB controller?
    And also the values from the dutch electrical smartmeter?
  • Is it correct that templates are not working at the moment?
    I can make a template but cannot retrieve this. Then is always says: New template
  • i guess Issue is not complete solved, 
    looks a lot on what I have seen before. 
    tested and I see some strange things.

    Try creating new, rename <enter> select one or two values and safe, After that do a Refresh (in browser F5) to load the template again. knowing that issue works for me to create the templates. 

    Once created it woks normal again. 
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