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Thinking Cleaner vs roowifi


Does the roowifi works with the Thinking Cleaner app that in the store ?

Is there any info what the Thinking Cleaner app can do?

Br Niklas


  • RooWiFi != TC

    The TC app won't work with the RooWiFi module.

    I bought them both, the both had big problems but eventually TC is working OK now.
    Except yesterday, when the Roomba went completely mad and continuously started to vacuum and we got push messages that we were out of the house...

    I would buy the TC module again for a next Roomba.

  • Will order a TC then.

    thanks MarcoF ,

  • tommyjaytommyjay Member
    edited September 2015

    I have the Thinking Cleaner on my Roomba 500 since day one (only got a roomba after I found a solution to have it schedule and goefence). I am in contact with Matthijs from Thinking Bits pretty often, helping with bugs and testing updates (been in the iOS TestFlight for about 4 months now). It gets buggy sometimes, and some features still don't work for me, but it's getting better and more reliable with every update. I love it very much and can't recommend it enough. Great thing, looking for what more great things Homey will allow!!!!

    Also, compared to roowifi, it looks sexy as hell!

  • About a 1,5 year ago I also had some contact with TC (Marcel), because of some problems. The suggested to visite my house to test some stuff in real live. Unfortunately the never come to my house and the problems were not solved. I was not happy with the product and the never responded to my mails.
    This spring the release there new android App and that was a major update.
    Scheduling, geofencing and Wifi stability improved and i can recommend the product.

    The last 2 weeks we had some Geofencing issues and Roomba starting cleaning while we were home.... I hope this/was some sort of server bug.

  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Backer - Super Early Bird

    Can any of you tell me how the TC looks? We have a roomba 650 which has a black shinny finish. The pictures I've seen from TC make me beleive it has a grey matt finish, is that correct?

  • That's correct.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Our friends over at Thinking Cleaner just launched a Kickstarter for a 700/800 series edition: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thinkingbits/thinking-cleaner-wifi-for-irobot-roomba-700-and-80

  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Backer - Super Early Bird

    Lol, I like the way Homey starts a conversation when the Roomba get's activated :)

  • One question ,

    can we control the roomba to do like this ,

    ---- from home base then driver 3m back , turn left and go 2 m , start clean !


  • They reached almost 25k of the 78k, i hope for the best :)

  • MennoMenno Member
    Ordered Thinking Cleaner today I like the fact that it is delivered with a top plate with the module build in and not just the module like roowifi
  • *sigh* Unfortunately I bought a Roomba 880 literally 1 week before the 900 series was announced.
    I've seen the TC 3D-printed models for it, but that's not really an elegant solution.
  • leadsratingleadsrating Member
    edited June 2017
    Thorarin, did the Roomba 880 work the Thinking Cleaner? I'm trying to decide between Roomba 860 and 880. I like the 880 model more but can't final the call since I can't find any info about Thinking Cleaner Support. In my case, to make the final call in Roomba 860 vs 880 battle, Thinking Cleaner plays a major role.

    So if you anyone can confirm the integration, it'll be really helpful.
  • The Thinking Cleaner isn't produced anymore 
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