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[Published] Wireless Weather Sensors (1.2.1)



  • michelkampmichelkamp Member
    edited March 2018
    @RamonBaas augh 868 not supported , i didn't know that , why can we record 868 signals in the developer tools .. ?
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited March 2018
    That's just part of the story.

    868 Mhz FSK modulation, constant listening is not supported, but sending is possible (and then a certain time after sending you can listen, so you can listen for the callback/acknowledge signal)
    So if the sensor uses FSK modulation it is indeed not possible then, as you need to listen for it constantly.

    868 Mhz ASK modulation is supported in both constant listening and sending.
    That is why it is in the developer tools.
  • I have an Alecto WS-5500 weather station. It seems not to be supported. Will it be supported soon/in the near future?
  • Zendfrequentie WS-5500 is 868 MHz 

  • Is this project/app pretty much dead - is anyone working on it?  I see a few recent commits, but appstore has not been updated since August?  Would be great if there was a beta-track available there - ie that "A beta version of this app is available. Click here to switch to this version"  choice.
  • As long as Athom does not deliver a well working 433MHz stack, I will also not update the app. Otherwise I only get complaints of things not working due to firmware issues.
  • Yes, nothing new unfortunately. They are still working on it, just like the smartphone app.
  • hyddhydd Unconfirmed, Member
    Hello, i have a Telldus Climate Sensor  (Thermo/Hygro). But the app wont find it. I followed the steps in this guide (swedish):  I think they uses an older version of my sensor can i add it some other way(or a i simply doing anything wrong?)

    More info about the sensor:
    Type: F007TPH
    Item: 313159
    Frequency: 433.92 

    Thanks a lot, have a great summer
  • tnesheimtnesheim Unconfirmed, Member
    No 433 sensors are showing up in my list. My neighbourhood(and myself) haave quite a few of these sensors, and they show up in my Domotizc/Rfxcom setup...but not in my Homey. 

    (Just to check the 433 receiver...I have been able to easily add a 433MHz wall switch)
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