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[Published] Wireless Weather Sensors (1.2.1)



  • @counter: Thanks, that's helpful. I'll look into it when I have some time.

    @JurgenHuijbregts: Can't help you with that, I'm running 1.2.2. That is something to report in the DP channel.
  • RamonBaas said:
    @MarcoWijk No, haven't looked at it. Don't have such a sensor myself. Would need a protocol description and someone to test in order.....
    @RamonBaas i'll look in to that. Thought i saw something on github. I'll get back to you on that.

    Testing the implementation, would be my pleasure <span>:wink:</span>
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    RamonBaas said:
    @counter: Thanks, that's helpful. I'll look into it when I have some time.

    @JurgenHuijbregts: Can't help you with that, I'm running 1.2.2. That is something to report in the DP channel.
    Also on 1.2.2 the sensors where not appearing ;)
  • Also on 1.2.2 the sensors where not appearing ;)
    If they use the 'Cresta' protocol, the temp/hum sensor should appear. Wind/rain/UV is not implemented for Cresta (yet). But it could well be they use a different protocol.
  • @RamonBaas
    My Homey now shows three different hum/temp sensors (Ventus W044 - Alecto v1) while there's only one. All three have the same ID but show different values ????
  • RamonBaasRamonBaas Member
    edited May 2017
    @RemcoHannink Some false readings can occur. The three above have different values for channel number. The invalid ones should automatically disappear over time.
  • Sjaak said:
    This seems to me a great app.  However I'm using a TX29DTH-IT sensor. It looks that this sensor is not suported. Is it possible to add this 868Mhz sensor? The protocol that's used is described overhere:

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,
    @Sjaak Unfortunately the TX29DTH-IT sensor cannot be supported. It uses FSK encoding (and not OOK what it states on that website). Homey is configured to (only) receive OOK/ASK signals on 868. You can submit a CR with Atom to change the default 868 modulation to FSK.
  • @RamonBaas Thanks for the hint. I've placed the sensor on top of my 'luchtbevochtiger' and set it to 55%, and indeed, the sensor started sending the humidity percentage to Homey. It's still a bit low, so it seems the sensor isn't really that sensitive. :wink:
  • rtnartna Member

    Is this the code you need?

    1. [Array(47), Array(40), Array(33)]
      1. 0:Array(47)
        1. 0:71
        2. 1:10
        3. 2:2113
        4. 3:89
        5. 4:49
        6. 5:48
        7. 6:77
        8. 7:68
        9. 8:29
        10. 9:205
        11. 10:101
        12. 11:101
        13. 12:22
        14. 13:22
        15. 14:54
        16. 15:174
        17. 16:21
        18. 17:55
        19. 18:23
        20. 19:126
        21. 20:22
        22. 21:96
        23. 22:99
        24. 23:51
        25. 24:32
        26. 25:10
        27. 26:204
        28. 27:22
        29. 28:21
        30. 29:85
        31. 30:11
        32. 31:64
        33. 32:197
        34. 33:21
        35. 34:22
        36. 35:54
        37. 36:218
        38. 37:114
        39. 38:140
        40. 39:31
        41. 40:269
        42. 41:155
        43. 42:98
        44. 43:56
        45. 44:11
        46. 45:34
        47. 46:258
        48. length:47
        49. __proto__:Array(0)
      2. 1:Array(40)
        1. 0:31
        2. 1:78
        3. 2:23
        4. 3:66
        5. 4:33
        6. 5:519
        7. 6:150
        8. 7:98
        9. 8:33
        10. 9:124
        11. 10:77
        12. 11:98
        13. 12:22
        14. 13:44
        15. 14:33
        16. 15:90
        17. 16:91
        18. 17:113
        19. 18:22
        20. 19:125
        21. 20:33
        22. 21:43
        23. 22:156
        24. 23:369
        25. 24:33
        26. 25:11
        27. 26:65
        28. 27:10
        29. 28:106
        30. 29:42
        31. 30:84
        32. 31:11
        33. 32:121
        34. 33:10
        35. 34:31
        36. 35:44
        37. 36:55
        38. 37:45
        39. 38:80
        40. 39:378
        41. length:40
        42. __proto__:Array(0)
      3. 2:Array(33)
        1. 0:130
        2. 1:43
        3. 2:20
        4. 3:84
        5. 4:43
        6. 5:34
        7. 6:68
        8. 7:33
        9. 8:11
        10. 9:235
        11. 10:4012
        12. 11:21
        13. 12:21
        14. 13:123
        15. 14:105
        16. 15:40
        17. 16:59
        18. 17:69
        19. 18:310
        20. 19:87
        21. 20:161
        22. 21:41
        23. 22:207
        24. 23:21
        25. 24:156
        26. 25:40
        27. 26:113
        28. 27:87
        29. 28:110
        30. 29:10
        31. 30:40
        32. 31:10
        33. 32:168
        34. length:33
        35. __proto__:Array(0)
      4. length:3
      5. __proto__:Array(0)
  • @rtna There is no clear signal in there. Most sensors on 868 MHz use FSK encoding and Homey can only receive ASK/OOK signals. So likely the signal cannot be received with Homey.
  • rtnartna Member
    @RamonBaas This one was from a 433Mhz sensor.
  • @rtna Better to send this info via PM. Still, I don't see a signal in there. But also always please state what the type of the sensor is.
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    @RamonBaas For 1 I don't see a signal either however, for 2 there appears to be a 23 byte signal and for 3 there's something happening with an 10 byte signal (though that seems strange? 4012 signals of 10 bytes, maybe a keep-alive?)
  • I always get something like this:

    api('POST', '/manager/microcontroller/record', { frequency: '868' }, console.log)
    XMLHttpRequest {onreadystatechange: null, readyState: 1, timeout: 0, withCredentials: false, upload: XMLHttpRequestUpload…}
    api.js:1 null (27) [Array(38), Array(39), Array(257), Array(105), Array(47), Array(38), Array(57), Array(32), Array(38), Array(32), Array(34), Array(257), Array(108), Array(42), Array(49), Array(47), Array(257), Array(104), Array(257), Array(47), Array(257), Array(70), Array(257), Array(105), Array(43), Array(53), Array(31)]

  • @bvdbos You expect a signal of at least 40 bits with a recurring timing pattern, pairs close to e.g. 1000, 1300 and  1000, 500 (LaCrosse example) or e.g. [2000, 500] and [4000, 500] (Alecto V1 example). So that would already give an array of 80 values which look similar - which is not the case here.
  • JulianJulian Member
    I have linked a Cresta (from the Homewizard box) to Homey succesfully but is it correct the range is not that good or that it has problems with walls/windows? Because when I have it inside about 10 mtrs from Homey it works but when I put it outside about 11-12 mtrs it stops working. I already put fresh batteries in to test it so that should not be the problem.  
  • rtnartna Member
    I have also a Cresta in my fridge. The fridge is <5 meters away from the homey but reception of the signal is very bad.I guess the transmitter is not that strong.
  • @Julian Often with these sensors it is not necessarily range, but placement relative to the receiver can make a lot of difference. I e.g. had a sensor 50 cm from Homey of which reception was very poor. Putting it higher up did give good reception. Sometimes it helps to move it a couple of cms to the left or right. Otherwise you could try this sensor, which should have a better range (haven't tried it myself though).

    @rtna If you put a sensor in the fridge, the battery will have a hard time due to the low temperature, reducing the signal. Plus you put it in a metal cage, reducing the signal even further.
  • JulianJulian Member
    @RamonBaas; thanks for the quick reply. I have been experimenting a bit but I seem to have an issue reconnecting when the sensor has been out of range. I put it outside and it lost its connection, tried to move it around on the outside but nothing. Then placed it inside next to Homey but it won't (re)connect. Only way to get the sensor working again is to reset it and re-pair it to Homey. Is this perhaps a bug of some sorts or could my sensor be faulty?
  • I have a Cresta TX320 temperature/humidity-sensor. When I purchases it last year I used 'Wireless Weather Sensors' before it was an official app and it was working fine. Since a few months, Homey wasn't collecting data from the TX320 anymore. I sent the device to Cresta and they sent me a new one (great support). I'm now using the 'Wireless Weather Sensors'-app but Homey is still not able to collect data. Sometimes I have a connection when I replace the battery (new batteries) or change the channel, but only once. In the app I can see sensor-data once, but that's all and it's not updating. I tried uninstalling the app, restarting Homey but nothing helps.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • @Julian You only need to re-pair if the device id or channel has changed (e.g. when changing a battery).
  • JulianJulian Member
    Ok, clear, then I think the device is not 100% ok, it behaves quite erratic. After a couple of days it suddenly was connected again and updating regularly but now the last update was from 10 hours ago. 
  • @Julian I'm not sure the device is faulty. I see similar behaviour sometimes with Homey. I believe this is due to a bug in the Homey reception algorithm, sometimes missing the last bit due to a timeout. But I have been unable to convince @JeroenVollenbrock of this.
  • JulianJulian Member
    Haha, just checked, it is back again :smiley: I will let you guys figure out the fault!   
  • mvsmvs Member

    I am using the WS3500, same as Wendy. I do not experience the distance issue however the sensors indeed get lost after a few days. I try to include here the JSON dump file. I hope that helps to find the issue as I think this is a great addition to the homey software !!!
  • @mvs This just shows no reception at all. Zero signals received, so also no clue.
  • RamonBaasRamonBaas Member
    edited May 2017
    Version 1.1.0 has been released. Adds support for Auriol Z31130, full Cresta & LaCrosse implementations, adds Brightness device, sensor capabilities based on received values. Thanks to @MarcelMol for adding the Auriol support!

  • zimbrazimbra Member
    Tested it with a cresta sensor and works fine!
    If I buy multiple sensors, do I need to put them on different channels or can I put them all on channel 1 for example?
    Otherwise I will have to look for a 5-channel sensor..
  • RamonBaasRamonBaas Member
    edited May 2017
    @zimbra You can put them on the same channel, but then the signals might interfere with each other from time to time. Let's say there is a normally 40 second interval between between sending the readings for a sensor. If a sensor supports multiple channels it will send it every 40 seconds for channel 1, eg. 42 second for channel 2 etc. This to make sure they don't send at the same time.
  • JulianJulian Member
    As said earlier in this topic I have a Cresta sensor but that does not work when placed outside and is a bit flaky in the reception.

    Because I would like to have a reliable outdoor temperature sensor does anyone can recommend one from the devices supported? Perhaps one type/brand works better than the other? Thanks!
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