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Useful scripting tutorials? How to begin?

Hi guys,

I am stoked about the progress Homey is going through and for me the possibilities SEEM endless on what you can do with Homey.  I am thinking about purchasing Homey in the near future. I understand that Homey is a startup where alot of great apps can be added by the community since it is open source. 

I just have a question for the developers out there, I really want to contribute to the community when I have my Homey so I was wondering if you guys can point out some good tutorials on how to get started learning the programmning language you need for Homey. I have a background in scripting, mainly Powershell which I learned myself by reading/watching tutorials and just trial and error basicly so I hope I have a headstart.... 

Thanks in advance guys and I hope you will see me here more often!

Kind regards,


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