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[Forum Suggestion] FAQ Topic

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Hi, I think it would be nice to have a FAQ list, with the fast growing amount of users and topics an easy starting point (without having to search the forums) would be nice to have. There is a kind of FAQ on the Homey website. But maybe it is a good idea to start a FAQ topic itself that is 'closed' and displayed under the Announcements category and maintained by the Athom moderators (to keep the list clean and simple). From this list Athom can decide to put some of these items on the Home page to make it available to all users.
If there are any suggestions or if a FAQ topic is highly overrated please tell so.

Note: this is my interpretation of some questions asked in the forum, so I might have made some incorrect conclusions on Homeys vision. I tried to avoid it, but it might have slipped through.

Frequently Asked Questions

This topic is to guide you through frequently asked questions on the Homey forums and to help you find your answers more quickly. This topic is devided in multiple sections and is locked. If you think a question is asked frequently please mention one of the forum moderators (@Annemarie?) in the topic and then the question will be added to the list.

The categories are
- Forum and the Athom Community
- Using your homey (general, settings, flows)
- Devices (General app development, Z-wave, RF, Wifi, Bluetooth, Infrarood, Zigbee, NFC)

Forum and the Athom Community

Some quicks link to help you get started using the Forum and search within the Athom Community pages (the information is everywhere).

Searching the forum.
This can be quite a hassle. Please use Google instead of the forum search. So use this link to get started and define your search as u are used to with Google.

Is there an app for that?
Please check out the app store to see if your app is available. If it isn't there yet, please check the Athom public Trello timeline with the development status of multiple apps and features.

Are there more ways of communicating then the forum?
Yes, please see the "Where to start developing" to find all ways to communicate with other members.

I found a bug, where can I report it?!
You found an issue? Thanks for wanting to report it! If the issue is in an app, please go to the App Store page of your app. You can do this by going to Settings --> Apps --> View in App Store. When you look on the right side of the page you find the "Contributors" section. Here you often find a link to the page. On the github page you can log a new issue and the developer of the app will look into this.

If you have found an issue that is Homey generic, please log the issue here:

Using your Homey

For your first set-up and basic questions please refer to the Homey help page (NL), (EN)

If you found an issue in Homey's functionality please search if it isn't already logged and if it isn't logged yet log it here: This is the quickest way to reach out to Athom.


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Where can I find example flows?
Homey is working on an implementation of a flow library. For now, Google will help you find flows already posted in the community by using the following search:

Display 24-hour clock in Homey time card
When you don't see the 24-hour time representation in the Homey card this is most likely due to you Windows or Mac OS time settings. Please verify if the short time notation of your system is a 24-hour representation. (Note that if you change these settings you have to restart the browser completely before these changes have an effect).

I want a more advanced flow editor
Please check the topics in the forum to see if your suggestion for advanced flow editor isn't yet mentioned:, force flow trigger, change action sequence, add broken icon to folder with broken flows, and more. You can vote for issues on GitHub if you feel the same (or use the +1 button on forum posts). This will keep the list nice and clean for Athom to work with.

Can I dynamically set a value to one of the sliders in the "then" column?
Yes, you can. Please see this forum post on how you can use tags to set a value, for e.g. brightness or sound level:


How do I remove a zone from my Homey?
When you start dragging a zone (in Chrome, mobile doesn't work (yet)) a trash can will be shown at the bottom of the list. Drop the zone on the icon and the zone will be removed. For more information check out these topics: How to remove a zone and Remove a zone.


How can I start a flow from the start page of my mobile device?
If you want to start a flow, or trigger an action from the start screen of the Athom App please install the better logic app and use a bitflip or a button. For instructions, please read these topics:

Devices and your Homey


Where to start developing?
There is a lot of information out there on how to develop apps for Homey. You can start here Some documentation is out of date so for actual implementation examples check the Athom GitHub or check the Contributers section per app in the app store (this will provide you a link to the github page for each app). For help check out the section of the forum or join on Slack. For general learning to develop check There is also a cool blogpost and Slack document available for help on RF applications and some others on the forum that want to develop apps as well. Remember, the knowledge you gained, share it with the community.

Some usefull links from Athom
Release notes: (for experimental and stable updates)
What's new (for big stable updates):

Usefull links for debugging your Homey
- Speech Input (http://[ip]/manager/speech-input/)
- Speech Output (http://[ip]/manager/speech-output/)

Does Homey have an open API?
Not yet. There is an API as Homey is using their own API for their applications. But this API is subject to change and not yet documented (work in progress by Athom). Although many have found their ways in working with the API. See here some helpfull topics.
- Using Tasker and Homey API


Can't connect my Z-wave device to Homey - Pairing time-out
This is often caused when your device was already included in another Z-wave network or with your Homey before a reset. Try resetting the Z-wave device according to the instructions of the device (see device manual). For Fibaro devices this is often done by holding the pair button for a longer time till the LED indicator turns yellow and then press the button once. The device LED indicator will blink red. When you performed a reset of the Z-wave device, try adding it again.


Can't pair my KaKu devices?
This can have multiple causes. One is the same as for Z-wave devices. If you device is allready paired to the maximum amount of devices (for KaKu this is mostly 6 remotes/controllers), this can be caused by deleting or re-setting up your KaKu devices multiple times. Then you need to reset your devices: Another cause can be that your device is out of reach.


My Hue lights display as "broken" and now I can't control them
When the connection between a lamp connected with the hue bridge is lost (e.g. the power is turned off). Then the Hue bridge reports this light as 'unreachable'. The light can't be controlled via the Hue bridge as this isn't supported. So you can't control it from Homey either.


Support is coming in a soon-to-follow release (source)


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<< ADD FAQs >>


See here for the main NFC discussion topic:


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