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  • @Steefph there is a community app in development for mysensors that supports Mqtt and ethernet gateway. So if you hang in there, there Will be an app
  • SteefphSteefph Member
    @kasteleman perfect! Looking forward :smile: 

    Still trying to figure out why it does not work. Probably something in the wiring. 
  • PandaPanda Member
    ErikW is working on mysensors, here is the github page
  • Any news about the mysensors app ? 
  • Last commit is 16 days ago.
    That doesn't necessarily mean he isn't actively developing in his pc, though.
  • There is progress. A set of sensors are already implemented and working. Erikw is now programming the next step in implementing relais. I have tested the app with some sensors (Temp, Pressure and Lux) and that part works. Erikw is doing a fine job!!! You can test the app if you want to. Current branche is develop on github. I use it to turn on some HUE lights if my lux value drops below certain value.
  • can get it to work at the moment. Trying to install it from github ( it's the first time im doing this, maybe a little tutorial )
  • did you manage to get the base install? That is, getting started from the developer site from athom. If you search the forum there you can find a lot of howto's. 
  • Got this so far...

    Install Node.js:
    Download Node.js (Homey's version) from and install it on your PC.

    Download App.ZIP from GitHub (  to your PC:
    Click "Download ZIP"

    Unpack ZIP:
    Unpack App.ZIP on your PC

    Open Node.js command prompt, and install the athom-cli tools:
    npm install -g atom-cli

    But how do i go further from this ?

  • got it working :)
  • kastelemankasteleman Member
    edited May 2016
    got it working
    Did you use the develop branche? What sensors are you currently using?
  • The app is now in the App store.
    I need firmware 0.8.38

  • So First off: Love the idea of building my own sensors. secondly its wonderfull that @ErikHagemeijer took the effort to make an app.

    But, and yes there is always a but with me, the app needs the gateway i don't really get waythe sensors can connect to homey directly with an 433 of 868 wireless connection. 
  • Originally that was the idea, but Athom did not build a arduino library for Homey. Don't now if they ever wil finish it. They started developing (as far as i know), but you have to use another RF on the sensors itself to connect to it on the 433 or 868. There is no NRF24 or RFM69 transceiver in Homey. Beside that, the ethernet gateway cost me 6 euro or so..... ;)

  • tim1990tim1990 Member
    edited June 2016
    Take a look at this weeks summery! 

    For now i want to make my own sensors with the gateway. But witch radio do i have to choose if i want it to be homey proof? If the library for arduino is complete i would like to remove te gateway
  • ErikWiknerErikWikner Member
    edited June 2016
    To get your sensors to work with Homey and Mysensors you need the gateway.
    I use the NRF24L01+ radio on my own sensors.

  • Got this message after adding 2  thermometers
  • Dountill said:

    Got this message after adding 2  thermometers
    At first that is ok, until the first temperature is reported to the gateway and then picked up by Homey.
  • Since the library is out there, Who has de skills to build the first sensor? 

    I would love to solder and connect my own! 
  • tim1990 said:
    Since the library is out there, Who has de skills to build the first sensor? 

    I would love to solder and connect my own! 
    Tim, do you now mean for mySensors? Because that is already being discussed here and is working. If you mean the  Athom library, I would suggest to start a new thread since it is not related to this library ;)
  • should mysensors also work with a ESP8266 Gateway?
  • Yes it does! Used that for several months!
  • great,

    does it need some adjustments? I got not new sensors found, but in my serial.monitor, I see a temperature sensor comming in..
  • Did you adjust the settings of mysensors with the ip and port of the gateway in Homey?
  • Added an checked Ethernet: Host Ip: ESP IP, Port default: 5003 : Timeout : 5 (dont know why,, but It says 5)
  • Did you try a reboot of Homey? In a few cases it only could connect after a reboot. No other client already connected? Default config if the gateway does not allow multiple connections. You have to adjust that in the ino file of the arduino
  • MarkVanWindenMarkVanWinden Member
    edited November 2016
    Hi There, sorry for the long response time, had to check some facts to make sure I didn't mess up that hard.

    I grabbed the myscontroller; 
    Here the node gets an ID, etc etc, It shows that he is a temperature sensor.

    When I let homey do all the controller things, It seems like it doesnt hand out ID's.'
    The node says:

    The the magic happens when I turn on myscontroller with the same settings as homey got:

    The gateways says:
    Client 0 Connected
    and the node goes:

    TSF:MSG:SEND,1-1-0-0,s=255,c=3,t=11,pt=0,l=18,sg=0,ft=0,st=OK:Temperature Sensor
    but with homey no luck..

  • So if i understand correctly, Homey never connects to the gateway? You run myscontroller in the same WiFi network as Homey?
  • Correct
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