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Cancellation and return policy

honeyhoney Member
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This title might sounds odd. We are all domotic and gadget enthusiasts supporting a wonderful promising project. We all know that even largest companies like Apple makes design mistakes with iPhone antennas and batteries so we have no unreasonable expectation from a start up. We might even try to fix the issue ourself or just live with it as this is still a wonderful gadget. However I believe the question: What is cancellation and return policy? is reasonable. The reasons why this should be discussed:

  • Every manufacturing process comes with component failure or with early failures (even if there is a 100% testing process). This is beyond your control. Some units will have major problems.
  • Not everyone is Kickstarter backer, some purchased or will purchase Homey with pre-order.
  • There are other factors when even the craziest enthusiast (who camps at the apple shop before iPhone launch) needs to cancel the order before it is despatched. For example the North American backers needs to cancel due to the missing UL certificate. There might other issues like this why someone might decide cancel the order.

I hope you won`t take this on the wrong way, this is also part of the organic expansion process...


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Well, we'll see about that when something goes terribly wrong, ok? ;)

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