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How to view console.log or detail log file ?

HeyHomeyHeyHomey Member
edited January 2017 in Developers
i have installed node js, and after reboot I have deveopper mode in settings but that does not show I log.
I try to get a existing app working but like to see what i can improve. Thanks
but in stuff for geeks devmode is false


  • devmode is not for us users of developers but for Athom devs... With node.js installed, you can download an app from Github and run or install it from the commandline:
    If you run it you can get logs...
  • He Bas

    ok thanks for the info
    I can install a program via this way, then I run it via de GUI but still unclear how to get a log from it.
    do I need it to ru from the cli ?
  • Yep, use "athom project --run" from the commandline. It uploads the app to Homey and reports logging to the commandline. If you think the app doesn't do enough logging, you can always add more log-lines in it...
  • thanks, this indeed give me some log on the console, did not find what went wrong btw. But as you already told maybe there must be some more log lines in it.
    I assume then the console log is not for the end users.

    I have to get deeper in it, thanks
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