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What will be te reach of wireless stuff like 433 and 868 devices?

What will be the reach of wireless stuff like 433 and 868 devices comparing Homey to Homewizard and RFXcom receivers?
It's possible to place the Homewizard or the RFXcom receiver in the best possible spot in your house.
The home has the be placed in the living room which will not nesserly be the best place to receive all your gear.


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    edited June 2015

    Hard to say. It's not per se better or worse, it totally depends on your home.. however, if you have multiple Homeys, they repeat the 433 and 868 signals ;)

  • cautjecautje Member

    Thx! We will see when the homey is up and running!

  • KAKU products used to advertise with a range of 100m and an practical indoor range of 30m. These days they do not provide any range indication. I know a lot of users have their control station in the utility closet (meterkast) and that they are able to connecting to the attic (depending on circumstances).

    It is my general experience that is you place any sender and receiver along the same wall that you will bad reception. KAKU has known issues when devices are close to each other on the same powerline. It depend on the type of device though.

    As commercial products have a limit on the signal strength, it is reasonable to assume that Homey will have the same range and reliability as any other project. The fact that Homey is meant to be placed on a horizontal surface in an open (living room area) should be an improvement over wall mounted control centers.

    Be aware that repeating the signal can have strange effects. I have KAKU dimmers which will start dimming when the "on" signal is received twice. I believe the KAKU range extender uses a "new" signal to avoid these kind of problems.
    Emile: What's your experience with this? Does this sound familiar or have you never seen any strange behavior when repeating a signal?

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    I love how your post is so accurate. Maybe you'd like to work on Athom Support when we're selling in stores? Haha ;-)

    And yes, repeating a signal is tricky. It depends on the protocol if it's possible at all. We try to do timing super-accurate, but there's a lot more research to be done on the matter.

  • ((Athom support ór JaapPelt should go into politics...)) ;-)

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