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honeyhoney Member

Hi Emile,

According to several presentations Homey will support LightwaveRF products. Most of their products has a one way communication on the 433.92MHz, I am sure these will be supported. Will you also support the duplex 868MHz devices as well at the launch? I am about to buy 12 pcs of LightwaveRF Thermostatic Radiator Valves using bidirectional communication.



  • honeyhoney Member

    I believe this is not the typical will homey support X, Y, Z device question. From the beginning it was advertised as homey can support LightwaveRF. Other systems , gateways claiming that they support LightwaveRF they usually mean 433.92MHz devices only so the above question is quite reasonable.
    This long silence also raised a more basic question will homey support LightwaveRF or it is up the UK developers? Unfortunately until know only LightwaveRF has remote controllable sockes. I mean socket not the chunky, ugly adapters you plug in to the sockets.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    We counted on the 433.92 MHz devices, but with their bridge we might support the others as well. For direct 868, we really have to investigate this further!

  • Is lightwave supported,  i am finding no way of connecting to it
  • @AndyWilde ; Would it work with klikaanklikuit app by any chance? Might sound silly but the reason why I think it might be compatible: Their internet hub looks identical to previous generation LightwaveRF Link. Their app also look like the old LightwaveRF app. The inline relay also looks identical. They might use the same core hardware.
    Please let me know your findings.
  • I tried all the apps,  with klikaanklikuit it detects the remote and looks like it's going to work but will not control the device, neither or or off. :(   I have also tried with the signal sent from the LightwaveRF Link but no luck.   Strongly the app still responds to the On button on the remote but the devices doesn't.  The app will not respond to the off button.
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited February 2016
    Thanks a lot for the feedback. The good thing is that it seems like they are really close indeed, someone should just make some changes on the app.
    The sad thing is that the focus is on the Dutch market however UK is potentially their second biggest market (since they lost the US market for a while). They need to understand the LightwaveRF is as important here (if not more) as KAKU in the Netherlands. 

    From the Kickstarter page:

    Homey works with...

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    LightwaveRF is still on our To-do list, but you're right we're focussing on the Dutch market first (obviously).
  • Thank you for adding the LightwaveRF to the Trello list. Have no doubt that you have enough pressure made by the bugs. I do hope it will need just minor changes on KAKU app to make LightwaveRF work. LWRF was my reason to choose Homey over Neeo.
  • The source for the KAKU is not in the git, is it possible to add this so i could look at the source for possibly porting to lightwave.
  • For any other light wave fans I've started on the lightwave APP.  Light switches and plug sockets are working and can be controlled normally through homey.  The remote is on its way.
  • @AndyWilde That sounds great! Please keep us posted. If you need help with the graphics elements like the svg icons (vector), etc just send me a PM.
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