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New shipment date for Homey?



  • I wonder which firmware version the shipped Homeys will have. I understand the time had come to take this step but it will cause a shit storm for sure with (duplicate) reported issues here on the forum and github seeing the current state of the software. I hope Athom can deal with this in a proper manner.
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited April 2016
    Please remember/read the delivery posts of 1,5-2 month ago :wink: 
    The package will be delivered, to Dutch users, the first day after the package is received by PostNL.

    @Phuturist ;
    As far as i known/understand each Homey download the latest stable release automagicly.
    So the Wednesday delivered Homeys will download 0.8.20 which is marked as stable.

    So that's way back in time and if users want more features (or working apps???) the should switch to experimental with all issues around the need for a factory reset after an firmware update.

    I also hope the (the user and Athom) can handle this.
  • Will miss this topic...  :'(
  • edited April 2016
    Just checked. I can see the announced shipment also.  
    Ik know that it is an announcementannouncement, but after such a long wait, I can say that I wait to see what homey can do.  
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    Nothing in Postnl for me :(
  • Still waiting, but confident in delivery ;-)

  • According to PostNL the package weighs 1 gram. W00t, Homey now includes the new anti-matter feature as well! Cool! :open_mouth: 
  • Will miss this topic...  :'(

  • honeyhoney Member
    I guess the "Version 0.x.xx" topic will be the new battlefield for ultra critical vs. Pro Athom :smile: 
  • Nothing in Postnl for me 
  • Nor me
  • Me neither. 
    1. Nothing in Postnl for me 

      Nothing in Postnl for me
      Postnl sucks, i never had a message my HOMEY is on his way
    2. suddenly the postman came to bring my HOMEY  B)
  • WathLamersWathLamers Member
    edited April 2016
    1. Nothing in Postnl for me 

      Nothing in Postnl for me
      Postnl sucks, i never had a message my HOMEY is on his way
    2. suddenly the postman came to bring my HOMEY  B
    Really,   thanks for this comment.    I can smile again    

    (a little,  for now.....)
  • My app tells me it will be delivered tomorrow, but it's not yet at the post office, sure hope it will be there before 19:00 otherwise it will be delayed by a day. 
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    Getting nervous now....
    Going to take a day off  B)

    Pulling my hair out, joy, dance, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • VincentVincent Member
    edited April 2016
    I'm pretty sure last time at was also delivered on Wednesday right? It's being picked up by a third party, tomorrow delivered to PostNL and the next day it will arrive at your doorstep. That's how I remember it.
  • Correct. Last time it arrived on wednesday or thursday I believe. 
  • Homey will not arrive tomorrow! It will be at least wednesday. The package is still not received by postNL.

    So I still will be working late tomorrow!
  • You lucky bastard!! 
  • To bad the parcels are not delivered to Post NL the same day that they are registered, the Post NL app creates expectations, so in order not to disapoint the receiver that's something to think about when there's another batch to be shipped. 
  • Ok so dinner is almost ready to be served! 
    No I read in the latests announcement (April 1st hahaha fooled me) , that pre-order noobs like me would be given a choice:
    • get Homey earlier but accept that it's still in bèta, or 
    • a little bit later for a retail-like experience.
    Now what would you geeks advice to pre-order wanna-be geeks?
    I think I can manage a firmware update myself from the command prompt sudo apt style to get it from beta to retail-like experience, but is it really that simple?

    Would love to take my new Homey to Dutch HackingHealth event (May 20-22) and not risk receiving my homey too late.
    (Are any of you geeks into joining Hacking Health to show-off with a Homey application)?
  • Most of us didn´t have to use the command-line, playing and testing can be done without commandline. I also didn't have to reflash Homey. So if you don't mind encountering some problems I would certainly go ahead and have it delivered :)
  • Thanks Bas! I'm not scared, simply short of time ;-) Think I'll opt for the beta version
  • honeyhoney Member
    .... simply short of time ;-) 
    Have you got an email about it?
  • honey said:
    .... simply short of time ;-) 
    Have you got an email about it?
    No not yet, but trying to make up my mind for the moment the mail would arrive....
    Simply prepping for the moment after waiting so patiently since June last year ;-)
  • Anyone received her/his Homey yet?
  • MarcoF said:
    Anyone received her/his Homey yet?
    mine got delayed from delivery today to tomorrow, still waiting to be received by PostNL
  • guess i'll have to wait until de 18th :disappointed: 

  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    Whoo, mine arrived!
    No, it is my wife and she is also not understanding my voice.
    In dutch: 1 april met verlengsnoer.
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