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Find my iPhone

LesleyLesley Member

Hey guys, don't know if it would be possible since Apple is everything accept open-source but I think it would be great to include a 'find my iPhone' feature!

I'm probably not the only one who has trouble finding his phone from time to time, especially when it's on silent.

Any chance this would be possible through iCloud or something?


  • AaronAaron Member

    This should be possible through the Homey app. Fibaro does the same thing with their app for the HC2 (if it works :-))
    I think they already incorporated such a thing, because I think Homey can already act to your location (comming home, leaving work etc.)

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Ha, that's actually a pretty neat feature! We'll definitely look into it!

  • This would be an instant sell to my girlfriend :-p
    Next thing would be keys, wallet, left shoe, toothbrush...

  • You could let homey say where your phone is, for example "Your phone is still at work" and when your phone is in your house let the homey app play some sounds(forcing the volume ofcourse).

  • This would be so nice!
    My wife is the same as you all described :D

  • Emile, any news about a 'find my (I)Phone feature'?

    Maybe homey could be loged in at the iCloud account and trigger 'where's my iPhone' (and show GPS location on the television) or force sound even when it's on silence?

  • +1 for this, I'd almost expect this as a standard, preinstalled app :)

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    I'd gladly leave this one to the community. Hacking around Apple's iCloud is not something I want to do as a company.

  • I guess "Find my iPhone" is not open to developers so I think you have to press the button yourself :) I'm also not sure if Apple allows this feature to be build into the Homey App, because they don't allow apps mimicking functionality that's already build into iOS by default. It's a reason to refuse the app on the App Store.

  • Could'nt this be a feature in the homey app? I dont know how restricted ios is in terms of accessing features like "unmute", "ring", or "show location". But, as an android user, i have seen apps that can utilize those functions (most antivirus software).

  • On Android these apps are Device Managers. There is no such thing on Apple's iOS unfortunately.

  • idea for find my.....
    make the link with a smart watch !!!!
    Hey Homey...(Siri,Coreana,GNow,James)where is my ......i want hear lost frequencies and see Star Trek :)

  • Only for Apple and Fibaro fan Boys and Girls....:)
    The Apple Watch can receive safety push notifications,journey statistics,control light switches,thermostats,garage doors,control camera,two way audio,view live streaming
    and with cloud services voice commands.....Hey Homey.....

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